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Can you say "cheese” with ease?

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A fantastic smile is one of the first things we notice about each other. How you feel about your teeth affects the way you smile! Other people may judge your personality, health and sexuality by your pearly whites and the way you smile.

How comfortable are you to smile and be proud of nice white shiny teeth, or would you rather smile with your lips or even your hand covering your mouth?

Why your pearly whites are not so pearly and white anymore? Lifestyle factors and not so good hygiene: We all are exposed to staining substances on a daily basis, things like red wine, caffeine and tobacco can further increase staining that naturally occurs with living.

Do you sometimes run your tongue over "furry” feeling teeth – this is plaque build up on your teeth, full of bacteria, toxins and food particles.Regular visits to your dentist and a good hygiene regime at home, could certainly help keeps these nasty’s at bay.
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Internal staining:

Sometimes however the staining can be inside the tooth itself and this becomes more complicated to treat.Even though enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies, it is porous. Certain foods like coke, red wine, curry, wine and smoking could cause discoloration.Other things that cause internal discoloration are certain medications and even genetics.How to reclaim your pearly whites!
The great news is that there are many solutions
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Expensive options

  • Porcelain veneers, composite bonding (Price : $1000 +)
  • Dentist laser whitening is an effective and relatively quick process. The downside is that the majority of people find the process quite uncomfortable and are then regularly left with tooth or gum pain or sensitivity. (Prices vary from $700- $1200+)
  • Expensive - $1,000+
  • Clinical (after all - who wants to go to the dentist!)
  • Invasive & painful
Dentists use 35%+ hydrogen peroxide. The treatment takes approx 1.5 hours with about half this time masking off and preparing the gums and lips due to the extreme strength of hydrogen peroxide. The actual treatment is quite painful and a lot of people have to stop half way through. Examples of dental laser whiting include Britesmile & Zoom.

Dentists will claim their system lasts for years, but what they fail to mention is that after they make a mould of your teeth you need to maintain the whiteness with a fortnightly to monthly gel applied inside the mould.

More affordable options 

Becoming increasingly popular are home treatment kits, toothpastes and mouth rinses. These are only effective to a certain extent as they have lower concentrations of bleaching agents, and take longer to get the desired results. Most people therefore find that the novelty wears off relatively quickly, even before real results are visible. (Prices vary from $50-$500)

The best news is that you can now have the best of both worlds! You can now have white shining teeth, without the pain, sensitivity, hassle, mess, time and save yourself a lot of money. You can now get your teeth professionally whitened for a third of the cost of that of a dentist, but with similar results.

It is easy, effective and affordable!

It is Cosmetic Bright Professional Teeth whitening.

Don’t be fooled with other professional teeth whitening products on the market trying to follow Cosmetic Bright. Cosmetic Bright is the most effective and easiest teeth whitening system on the New Zealand market. A session only takes 20 minutes. There are no extras you need to buy or no hidden costs after your first treatment. All costs are included with your kit, even your first top up sessions.

Thousands of New Zealanders as well as people across the world have experienced the satisfying results after a Cosmetic Bright Professional teeth whitening treatment. Many who have tried other methods before, now swear that Cosmetic Bright is the way to go.

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Have pearly white teeth without visiting the dentist or wasting money on messy take home kits.




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