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Getting your man to the spa - here’s how

Written by Shantelle Booysen on March 12th, 2018.      0 comments

Your schedule is always full, every available space in your salon is utilised and your therapists never do free time on your account.

If this is true for you; STOP READING NOW.

Rather use this time to plan your next trip to La-la Land.

Open spaces in appointment books come straight off your profits. It doesn’t do a loop-around, returning with a gift.

It is gone forever and spa owners and their managers know this.

The challenge

The challenge is obvious; fill the gaps, get busy! The empty space in your book has many shapes.

Bad service, flat interiors, wrong location, average marketing, poor therapists.

This blog is about those spaces on the booking platform that have the shape of a bloke. Your spa could always do with more male customers.Much has been written about this topic and many salons now report male patronage of up to 45%.

The reasons for the increase in male customers include:

  • Better marketing

  • More manly interiors

  • Male treatment menu’s

  • A changing world

Yet, I have very few buddies that go to the spa. My wife? Now she has no friends that don’t. And there lies the unexploited paradox. Only one half of the pair goes there! It’s time to try something different.

The proposal

We all have Marketing 101: Upsell to existing customers! Market your male service to your existing female patrons. Instead of focusing on flogging off the latest bottle of She-Has-It-Already at the end of the treatment, sell the male treatment menu during the treatment.

So what does hubby do? What are his heels like? Let’s sort that out for you!

Instead of creating new sources of revenue, expand the existing one. It’s a soft sell. Women hate blackheads and chapped heels on their men. Women hate it when their knight in shining armour’s face looks like it belongs in a Frankenstein movie. Women hate men with fingernails like the claws of a raven. Women hate nose hair!

Wives, partners, girlfriends and fiancés are already incentivised; they just need to be reminded of this.

Advantages of marketing to the women in their lives

  • They are existing clients
  • They recognise the need already
  • They usually drive change
  • It helps him to overcome his initial fears when you accompany him on the first visit

Girls, drag him along. He will look better, feel better and you get to spend more time with the busybody.

To conclude

I have a friend that regularly goes to the spa. His wife books the appointments.


Men in Robes

Written by James Home on March 5th, 2018.      0 comments

Now it’s time to get our hands dirty. 


Here follows one of the stories men hear around the barbeque. These are the tales that drive fear in the hearts of golfers and their caddies alike when teeing off on the 3rd at St Andrews. This is how your potential customers are pre-programmed to dread the unknown. Read with caution.


A Novice

The receptionist had waved me toward the change rooms and I complied. My wife was nowhere to be seen, I was going solo. I undressed and robed as per instruction, then lingered in the bathroom. After an eternity I ventured out and found myself exposed in the hallways of beauty. Commando under the robe is not for the fainthearted. Others were gliding purposely while I lumbered to the fruit juice dispenser for a desperate swig of something, no Budweiser in sight. The waiting area was packed. I took a tentative sip of the organic and eyed the sofa, designed for Snow White’s little friends I’m sure. It was one of those father-in-law-will-pop-his-knee-replacement couches. Low and dangerous, certainly not endorsed by the ‘Orthopodedic Association’.



A Clown

At this point my wife sped to my aid and I relaxed momentarily. This was a mistake. In the attempt to plonk my rear down I accidently flashed the vicar’s wife and startled the cleaning staff. My back hit the edge of the couch, slopping my drink over the lava lamp and I promptly flashed everyone again. Things were rapidly going the shape of a pear. In the space of a few seconds I had offended the patrons and staff, partially dislocated my lumbar spine and almost extinguished the decor. No one giggled or made an attempt to put me at ease, they just stared. My wife started to act like my teenage daughter. She made as if she didn’t know me from a bar of soap and I’m pretty sure I heard a ‘tut-tut’ escape her lips. I grabbed the Cosmo off the display and faked interest in the ‘7 Ways to orgasm before the next moon landing’ article when my therapists arrived. Thank goodness. I will never know how I escaped the sofa-trap, but I managed it without displaying more of my manliness to the world. She led me to the scary unknown while I desperately held out my hand toward my wife. My dearest was ushered off elsewhere, unimpressed.


A Gymnast

Question: How do you get onto a high plinth, space the towels to cover the sensitive areas and lie down without tipping over?

Well … don’t ask me. Suffice to say that half my man-rump was on display when the poor girl re-entered. By now I couldn’t give a damn anymore, I was in over my head. In way over.


A Satisfied Customer

At this point things turned around. Fortunately my therapist displayed the grace we usually attribute to the Duchess of Canterbury. She straightened me out and started to do her thing without a hint of condescension. I was due for a back massage and an Elim Medi-Heel pedicure. Never will I look back.



I walked in with the feet of a Hobbit and left with my toes in bows. I walked in oblivious of bliss and left a new man. It was a great experience. The decor was beautiful, wish I could do that at home. The washrooms were clean, the pool was great and the therapists were fantastic. I relaxed, enjoyed and saw the resurrection of my heels. I’ll definitely be back.


Tall tales will always be told around the barbeque or golf course. Next time, ask to hear the second half of the story.

Mine had a good ending.  


Theravine Face Oil - Botanicals and Advanced Technology unlock the power of natural beauty and skin care

Written by Ilse Vermuelen on February 12th, 2018.      0 comments

Theravine face oil- Botanicals and Advanced Technology unlock the power of natural beauty and skin care

LIPOSOMES . Lipid Replensishing System . Lypophylic Pro-Vitamin C


In keeping up with and ahead of the latest in health and skin care - Using the deep penetrating Pinotage face oils is essential as it allows for the enhanced performance of all other treatments and creams placed over and complementing it, thus intensifying your daily skin care routine drastically. 
The Theravine Pinotage face oil formulations address a number of primary skin care concerns: providing a Vitamin C enhancement, increasing anti-oxidant properties, and the need for a Lipid Replenishing System boost. 
-The new Balancing Pinotage Face Oil formula has been infused with the most stable form of Vitamin C and will treat skin concerns ranging from acne vulgaris to pigmentation. The anti-oxidant and absorption properties will leave your skin balanced, supple and beautifully clear. Also containing the Rolls Royce of Vitamin Cs.
-The Hydrating Pinotage Face Oil boasts the Lipid Replenishing System. Not only does this active ingredient re-equilibrate the skin, but also has a brightening effect, protects the collagen and assists in the drastic improvement of the hydration levels in your skin. 
- The Stimulating Pinotage Face Oil, exploding with the best of the best to help restore your skin’s integrity, reduce skin tension, and de-stress and relax the skin. Moreover, it will give your skin the Vitamin C boost it needs, brighten your complexion, revitalise cell activity, help enhance the anti-ageing properties as well as provide collagen synthesis and collagen protection.



What is the Brow Code – ‘CODE” the system, the method

Written by Ilse Vermeulen on August 11th, 2017.      0 comments

What is brow code? Why is Brow Code creating such an industry storm and turning heads and burning plastic world-wide?


Up until recently most salons would have an option on their service menu for a brow wax and separately for a brow tint. Rarely would you see the service offer for a brow sculpt. The consumer demands and awareness for brow sculpting was low and the fashion at the time was small thin brows. The modern consumer is not wanting a brow wax or just a brow tint anymore, they want a brow sculpt - a full brow look and guidance to groom and grow their lashes into shape and style. Hence the new demand for products for salons to now market brow sculpting. There are even reports and feedback we are getting of salons reporting losing business because they did not offer brow sculpting.


Some key points to the products and methods used to create a brow sculpting professional service are:

Brow Brushes – Brow Code dual brush 122 in particular. This brush is the most used in the service and a must have retail item for the consumers.

Brow Pomade – Generally the aesthetician would select a brow pomade shade to suit the client from the 7 available shades in Brow Code range to pre shape the desired outline of the brows. Key selling points to the Brow Code pomades: They are creamy in texture that allows the stylist and consumers to glide the color on the skin providing a smudge proof wear yet the formulation is stay proof but not too sticky where some pomades can act like a unwanted depilatory wax. The Brow Code pomades formula was redefined a number of times to not only allow this glide texture but also to create stability and resistance so the product would have difficulty going hard and pasty in the jar. The BC pomade if left with the lid off will go hard but from all testing the resistance of BC to go hard is greater than all other products tested.


Brow Wax and Brow Tint: It is at this point where there is a big change from brow waxing to brow sculpting. In order to create the fuller brow look we need to pre shape outline where the ideal brow should be and wax around that area and tint the skin within that outlined area. Key Selling points to the Brow Code wax: It is unique unlike any other wax on the International market. It is specifically formulated for the needs of brow sculpting. The BC wax applies similar to a strip wax yet it is a hot wax. The wax is transparent so you can see where you are sculpting. It has a fresh yet subtle Japanese Cherry blossom fragrance.  Waxing the delicate facial and skin area above the eyes is not what you want to be repeatedly waxing over, the Brow Code wax removes even the finest hairs the once over. On the Brow Code Instagram page there has been some amazing reviews from clients from all over the World worth reading. The Brow Code wax formula is completely unique and exclusive to Brow Code.


The tint: e color is different to others, it is a gel like consistently with rich color pigments that are easily absorbed. The consistency and application of e color is the most ideal tint for brow tinting. E color brow skin staining: can last up to five days on the skin. Again read some the international feedback on Instagram on the new results salons are achieving by switching to e color.  


Once the service of outlining, tinting and waxing is complete the aesthetician continues to complete the brows by defining and lining the brows with the selected pomade shade in combination with the brow tinted setting gel.

As the consumer now has these new look wonderful brows they want to maintain this look! The tinted skin will last up to 5 days so it at this point the brow stylist needs to show the consumer the shade or pomade or tinted setting gel they used so the client can continue maintaining the look and grooming their brows to grow into this new shape.


The tinted setting gel acts to color the hair of the brows where the pomade colors the skin. The tinted setting gel if also penetrated deep enough into the brows can also color the skin. The gel texture component of the Tint setting gel formula also sets the brow hairs in place. Ideally used everyday but also valuable for clients in between brow tints to maintain great brow color. 


The engineer behind the Brow Code range is Melanie Marris. Melanie has an international following due to some of her pioneering methods to the brow sculpt. Melanie boasts an International celebrity clientele and three very successful Brow only sculpting studios in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


The Brow Code range launched May 15th 2017, 6 months behind schedule due to the persistence of Melanie and the Brow Code team to refine and re-construct each item in the range until it performed as it should.


Tweezers: At this stage we anticipate the tweezers should be available in 6 – 10 weeks. The tweezers were manufactured for International launch however Melanie was not entirely content with the level of quality and materials used. So the tweezers range are now under complete redevelopment before re-launching!


Brow Code education: At this stage Brow Code demonstrations  are on offer. Official Brow Code education will be run exclusively by Melanie and her BC team, coming soon! You tube videos and demonstrations also coming soon!



If there is anything else we can do to better serve you, please ask!



The Power of Skin Analysis

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Today’s modern beauty salon has changed dramatically, even over the past few years. Technology has given us wonderful new equipment like IPL and LED Light, products are loaded with powerful anti-oxidants, peptides, stem cells, tyrosinase inhibitors, Vitamin A and a myriad of hydration, moisturising, infusion, repair or protective ingredients.

Skin Peels & Why our Non-Invasive version is the way to go.

Written by TheraVine on May 1st, 2017.      0 comments

TheraVine Intensive Exfoliant.

The New Weapon Against Wrinkles – Copper

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“Sleeping with a copper-infused pillow is the latest step in the fight against ageing – and it’s producing outstanding visible results.”


Skincare expert Metro-Dora Clifford said copper was making a comeback as a mineral that can help promote collagen, is hypoallergenic and is environmentally friendly.


“A century ago copper was used to kill bacteria in the body but was eclipsed by the use of antibiotics,” said Ms Clifford.


“With new technology and proven clinical studies, the move towards natural products is now the preferred option. It is now possible to weave copper-oxide into fabrics to boost your skincare benefits,” she said.


“Wrinkles develop over time because the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, mostly due to loss of proteins like collagen and elastin."

“Cupron USA has developed a pillowcase made with copper-infused fibres. The copper in the pillowcase can help promote the natural growth of these diminished proteins and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.”

“The brilliant thing about the pillowcase is that the appearance of your facial skin will improve while you’re asleep.”


Ms Clifford said the pillowcase worked by:


· Using the natural skin-enhancing benefits of Copper-oxide infused into the fibres in the fabric.

· The copper ions being activated by the moisture released from your facial skin while you sleep.

· Copper is scientifically proven as a mineral that can help regenerate collagen which plays an important role in enhancing the appearance and texture of your skin

· The skin is nourished deeply while you sleep as penetration of your skincare is further improved

· Over the course of four weeks, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles has been clinically proven to be reduced significantly


“Imagine having your pillowcase transformed into a cosmetic device to help you look a whole lot better!”


The Cupron Pillowcase looks and feels no different from any other satin pillowcase, but you will be able to see the difference in yourself, in just four weeks.


“The copper in the satin lasts the lifetime of the fabric, even with repeated washes, and never loses its effectiveness.”


“You can make your lotions and cremes work better for you when used with the pillowcase.”


You can learn more and view clinical study results by visiting:


What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Written by Shantelle Booysen on December 19th, 2016.      0 comments

We have listed a few nail issues most girls deal with:


  • Vertical ridges are usually harmless but nobody likes them. And all they are communicating is a lack of hydration
  • Dryness of the nail can be treated by rubbing the cuticle MD onto the nail regularly
  • Other markings such as white spots, usually is an indication of damage or trauma to the nail and will generally grow out with time
  • Yellowing Nails normally signal a lack of nutrients and can easily be cured with a healthy balanced diet combined with a great cuticle oil
  • Curling nails normally indicate an iron deficiency
  • When the nail separates from the nail bed it is called onychosis and often signals a thyroid problem



Researches have recently discovered that even blood poisoning can materialize in the nails. So, what to do with all these health issues?

For most of them a simple healthy diet will cause an immediate effect but, this tells us that keeping a close watch on what our nails are saying might be the wisest thing you do this year. And adding Coconut oil to the regime might be the second wisest thing you do this year.

If you have not read an article or heard a conversation on coconut oil in the past month, it might be a miracle, because this miraculous oil has certainly made the headlines.


Could it be the next craze?

Absolutely, the proven benefits of this miracle oil is just far too many to oversee. With benefits that can include weight loss, whiter teeth, radiant skin, and shiny healthy hair, coconut oil is the health and beauty cure-all du jour, and that’s a fact.


Toxicity causes nutritional deprivation – and your body then craves more and more food, trying to get what it needs! -Suzanne Somers


At Elim we use coconut oil as a base for many of our products. One being the Cuticle MD and seeing that we are talking nails today this is the one we will highlight.

cuticlemdWe formulated this winner recipe with a blend of 10 oils, using coconut oil as our base carrier.

Apart from its hydration benefits to the nail, coconut oil also has a natural SPF of 5 and adding to this it is natures natural anti bacterial agent protecting your nails against fungi and bacteria.

The regime? We recommend a Cuticle Oil with a dropper and not a brush on cuticle oil, use it daily, keep it in your hand bag,

One drop to nourish all your nails should make the worlds difference in just a week.

Here’s to happy healthy nails.


Cracked Heel Solution – Medi Heel

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Discover how to have smooth heels – The Truth be told. We have your cracked heel solution!

Ever had a pair of shoes that irritated you endlessly? Every noticed how the skin hardens around the irritated area on your little toe?


The callused skin is caused by friction to the skin. Let’s simplify.  When you cause friction to the skin with a band on a shoe or a tight fitting shoe, the brain will receive a message of injury. The body has a defense mechanism to protect itself and will instantly start forming more layers of skin to protect this area of the skin.

Ever noticed how cyclist have callused palms? Yes, this is exactly what happens. The bicycle handle causes friction on the hand and the body experience injury. It immediately reacts and forms a nice thing layer of skin to protect itself against further injury.

When we look at our feet, it is no different and when we file our feet excessively we are doing exactly the same thing. Our body will react in the same manner and protect through forming a thick callus.

This might be the reason why your heels are getting worse every time you file or blade the foot.

At Elim we believe in working with your body instead of against the body.

We reveal wisdom and truth about the functionality of the human body, its reaction to ingredients and the science behind our instinctive intelligence.

Everything we do at Elim is cultivated with a clear focus on the effect and remaining true to our philosophy of enhancing the body’s innate capabilities.

If you consciously let your body take care of you, it will become your greatest ally and trusted partner. – Deepak Chopra

We deliver products that are informed by natural science and that have been meticulously refined by our team of experts. We are invested in maintaining an exemplary service to our customers and distributors and ensuring that our products provide an enduring experience.

If you are wondering how else to get rid of these hard layers of skin, I can explain.

As stated by Dr. Oz on his famous show, it is safer to use a callous remover and make sure you neutralize it afterwards.

It is also recommendable to use a good quality heel balm with active ingredients. We recommend the Elim Foot Perfector that nourish and protects but also ensures a non-slip in the shoe after application.

You might want to use the callus remover more than once for extreme heels, but don’t despair, your Callus kit contains enough for at least 10 treatments.

See how we healed extreme heels in only three treatments:




To follow the full @ home MediHeel Pedicure you may also opt for our Miracle Box. It contains all 8 essential elements for the perfect pedicure at home.

Use wisdom the next time you do a Pedicure. It will give you longer lasting results.


White Hair Removal – A new way of thinking about IPL.

Written by Ilse Vermeulen on September 22nd, 2016.      0 comments

Traditional hair removal has relied on the chromophore of the hair follicle to absorb the energy of the IPL or laser to destroy the hair papilla. Basically, it was reliant on colour. The darker the hair the better the absorption and therefore the better the result. So until recently white, blonde, grey and red hair reduction with IPL’s and Laser’s just wasn’t possible as these hair colours didn’t have the pigment necessary to absorb the energy required to destroy the hair.
In a similar way it was difficult to treat dark skins for hair removal or skin rejuvenation especially on Fitzpatrick 5 and 6 skin types. Quite simply these darker skins contained lots of pigment and that pigment absorbed the energy causing possible burns and the threat of either hypo or hyperpigmentation.
More recently claims by some IPL manufacturers have been made that they can effectively treat white, blonde and red hair as well as do treatments on dark and even tanned skin safely all year round whether there has been sun exposure or not. Those who had been trained on traditional machines were immediately skeptical as this didn’t match the belief that the definition between the hair colour and skin colour is paramount in determining the effectiveness of the treatment.
However the truth of the matter is that in dealing with the problem of treating white and fair hair removal a complete paradigm shift was required. Basically instead of targeting the hair pigment as the facilitator of the energy to destroy the papilla, the target is now haemoglobin. Clients are waxed immediately prior to the IPL hair removal treatment. The ripping out of the hair through the process of waxing causes a small blood pocket where the hair follicle releases from the hair bulb.

This blood pocket is usually easily visible to the naked eye and is found just above the papilla. By targeting energy at this blood spot the papilla is heated and destroyed when in the correct phase of growth. The dermal papilla is fed by the bloodstream that carries nourishment to produce new hair. It also contains receptors for androgens that regulate hair growth. Without the papilla there is no hair regrowth.
Therefore by targeting the blood spot post waxing the operator is not reliant on hair colour. Therefore hair of all colours including dark or white hair can be treated this way. This new generation of IPL machines are calibrated to target the blood spot by utilizing specialized absorption filters and changing the settings for pulse length, the number of micro pulses per flash and power required.
These new IPL machines are using multiple pulses per flash. The concept behind this is that the relaxation time between pulses allows for both the skin and target to cool. However the target of blood and the skin cool at different rates with the skin cooling appreciably quicker. Therefore each pulse heats and allows for cooling with the target blood spot reaching a heat effective for destroying the papilla whilst the skin stays within safe temperatures. Pre and post cooling of the skin can further enhance this process.
As a result there is no need to have the traditional high power, single pulse flashes to generate enough joules of energy to be absorbed by the hair pigment. Instead there is a gradual (if in micro seconds) increasing of the temperature of the blood spot using micro pulses at much lower joules. So flashes are longer in duration but at much lower power yet producing the same joules. This allows for the skin to stay within safe temperatures and therefore the colour of the skin isn’t a factor.

Treatments on hair, vascular, acne and anti-aging can now be performed all year round without the concerns of skin colour, tanning or time required before or after sun exposure.
It certainly is a different concept to most practitioner’s training in IPL or laser treatments. However the results in the field and in studies provided by manufacturers such as EFB Beaut’e who have numerous patents in white hair removal, show that this new equipment certainly can provide hair reduction of any coloured hair. If you are a current IPL hair removal client that wants to treat white, fair and red hair and deal with dark or tanned skin no matter what the season, then perhaps looking at this new technology will give you the competitive edge in this very competitive market.


Must have ingredients in your skincare of choice - no compromises

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Antioxidants, Vitamin B, Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Vitamin A for Repair, Collagen Stimulators and Strengtheners, Increased Cellular Turnover.

Rubymate Bio-Lift Rejuvenation

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As we age we start loosing the muscle tone that sustains our nice firm, wrinkle free skin. By the age of forty-five, the higher cheek muscles may lengthen by as much as half an inch, pulling the skin over the cheeks downward to develop chubby little pouches by the corners of the mouth (called jowls). The external corners of the upper eyelids start to hang down over the lower ones. The excessively stretched out skin around the eyes creates a heavy lidded look with numerous lines and folds. Pouches accumulate below the eyes. As you reach your mid fifties the upper cheek muscles will have expanded by at least three quarters of an inch, forming creases around the ears, mouth and jaw line. Neck muscles will have also lost their tone and become slack and start to form neck rolls or cords which is the beginning of the all too recognizable "turkey neck" of old age. Baggy, stretched skin sags toward the front part of the neck.

This aging process happens so little by little you hardly even notice. Over time as we age, because the underlying muscles become elastic they are unable to support the skin tissue attached to them. As a result the skin loses it's ability to regenerate new tissue and its ability to moisturize itself. An onset of mal effects are brought on such as; fluid buildup, wrinkles, and sagging skin, among others.

Using mild electro pulse therapy or electrical stimulation (The Rubymate Bio-Lift Rejuvenation), facial muscles feel and look firmer, and the appearance of wrinkles are reduced. It also helps to improve the tone and all the features of your face such as your eyes, cheeks, mouth, chin and skin.

You get a tiny ‘face lift’ after each treatment or facial work out. You not only will see and feel the difference immediately, but so will everyone else!.

What is a Rubymate Bio-Lift Rejuvenation?

The Rubymate Bio-Lift Rejuvenation technology uses a variety of frequencies to stimulate cells and re-educate muscles. Through universal healing frequencies it tones muscles, reduce fluid retention, as well as softens wrinkles. It is non-invasive and non-abrasive. There are precise techniques that are used to raise, tighten and tone the muscles, which also creates elasticity in the tissue keeping the skin’s metabolism healthy and something to hang on to.

A persons age and current condition will determine the number of treatments that are needed when they first begin. The anti-aging prescription that is generally recommended is for the client to come in for an initial series of two or three treatments a week for five to six weeks as you would when working with a personal trainer or starting any exercise regime. This will re-tone the muscles and rejuvenate the skin. A maintenance treatment of once every month for maintenance is suggested after the initial series, to keep the muscles tight and healthy. This is an incredible preventative treatment as well as a corrective treatment.

Weather a person chooses to have surgery or not is an individual choice and surgery has it’s place, But with a surgical face lift, the muscles and skin are cut and stretched causing scares and scar tissue. Within a few years after a surgical lift, muscles and skin will again begin to sag. The Bio-Lift can be used to improve or maintain many surgical procedures, as well as diminish scar tissue, providing that the area has completely healed. And with or with out surgery you would want to promote healthy skin and muscle fitness for your face in the same way that you would want to keep your body fit and healthy for life. I know I do.

 Benefits of the Rubymate Bio-Lift

Softens Wrinkles
Tones And Firms The Muscles
Rejuvenates The Skin
Stimulate Skin Cells
Re-Educates The Muscles
Keeps Skin Healthy


Power Plate

Written by Ilse Vermeulen on June 22nd, 2016.      53 comments

While Whole Body Vibration may seem like a modern technological innovation, the first implementation of vibration to improve human function and healing dates back many centuries.
In the year 2000 this amazing phenomenon was introduced to Europe, and has revolutionised the health, wellness and aesthetic industries with its far-reaching applications.
As a time-efficient, results-driven workout method, the Power Plate® machine has quickly won a loyal following of celebrities around the world.  Super models like Elle MacPherson, Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Rachel Weitz, Hilary Swank and Courtney Cox all love using Power Plate machines.
The applications and benefits of Power Plate therapy are many, and using a Power Plate machine regularly can also assist with anti-ageing and rejuvenation with hormone release, increased strength and toning, increased fat loss and improved body composition, and reduction in  celullite.
Research has shown that Power Plate training has a positive effect on the endocrine system.  With aging, everything about us slows down, including the hormonal system.  Power Plate training can affect hormone production, with an increase in hGH, Testosterone, and Serotonin, and a reduction in cortisol.
Every cell in the body has human Growth hormone Receptors and is involved in many physiological processes. An increase in hGH is associated with improved body composition; fat reduction – especially around the lower abdomen and trunk; lean body mass increase; connective tissue condition; and a younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles.
Testosterone works with human Growth Hormone to build lean muscle mass which gives us the capacity to raise the metabolism and burn more fat.
Increasing the hormone serotonin creates feelings of wellbeing and is our natural “happy” hormone.  Raising serotonin levels also has an effect on reducing pain and increasing energy levels.
Cortisol is known as a catabolic hormone, so high levels of cortisol reduce lean muscle. The less lean muscle we have the harder it is to burn fat.  Cortisol is linked with stress, and high levels over long periods of time is very aging for the body.  Research has shown that regular training on the Power Plate can significantly reduce the negative effects of Cortisol in the body
These endocrine responses from whole body vibration training promote balance in the autonomic nervous system, and beneficially impact growth, recovery and regeneration. 
There are many other positive effects of Power Plate training. As we all knowcirculation is critical for health and wellness. Research shows that vibration training improves circulation through the enhanced activation of alternating muscle contraction and relaxation. The vibration created by the Power Plate causes enhanced capillary action for nutrient delivery right through the body, including to joints, ligaments, cartilage and skin.
Although you rarely hear about exercising your face, there’s a surprising amount of information about facial exercising, or “facial fitness”. It makes perfect sense, of course, and many testify to the power of exercising their facial muscles to keep their face toned and youthful. Facial muscles will naturally begin to lose elasticity and flexibility with age, due to lack of use, which leads to a droopy appearance. By regularly exercising your various facial muscles, you can ensure they remain firm, which will support your skin and prevent sagging.  Facial muscles can also be stimulated by the tonic vibration reflex induced by Power Plate.  This action, together with factors like increased growth hormone, causes a strengthening and tautening of the facial muscles, and can result in your skin’s looking vibrant and healthy and your enjoying a radical reduction in your ageing rate.
Women are constantly researching new ways to banish cellulite. The action of Power Plate increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, thus removing toxins more effectively.  The positive benefits it creates on the endocrine system also help to dramatically improve the health and appearance of skin, connective tissues and reduce fat stores. Combine the actions of Power Plate with treatments like body wraps, endermologie and lipolysis treatments, and their results received will be accelerated.
Weight management programmes are the top goal category of many salon customers. Power Plate provides the most effective and efficient tool in supporting weight loss and boosting metabolism. We have already learned that Power Plate reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, a known culprit in the storage of abdominal fat and the deterioration of lean muscle. By utilising the strength application of the Power Plate, more muscle fibres are recruited and therefore the fat burning metabolic potential of the body is sparked.
Chances are your salon already has a range of anti-ageing skin care products, with high levels of Vitamin A and other ingredients , that help prevent ageing of the skin, as well as aid restoration from existing photo-ageing damage, to a more youthful appearance.  You may also carry a range of supplementation,  providing the correct ingredients to promote cell repair and new cell growth.
Power Plate can add to this equation to optimise clients’ success in maintaining a more youthful appearance. We can apply this within the beauty industry through chanelling these effects on the body, and incorporate treatments that rejuvenate the body, target cellulite, invoke relaxation and wellbeing and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.
The Power Plate My7 model has a built in personal trainer with video coaching, making it the perfect business partner to fast forward the aesthetic results of clients.  Without any additional overhead in wages, the My7 can quickly pay its way.  A dozen clients with 12 week packages is all you need to break even in 3 months, increase foot traffic and push up client retention rates.

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TEPRANONE - the new MUST have ingredient

Written by Ilse Vermeulen on June 1st, 2016.      3 comments

It is an undeniable fact that the beauty industry and medical research are becoming more and more intertwined. Whether it is procedures, equipment, understanding of cellular biology, ingredients or the effects of lifestyle choices many of the medical insights we hear about today are closely followed by a skin care modality of some kind tomorrow.

The problem with much of this latest “cutting edge” science is that there are often very few comprehensive research papers in which to draw conclusions from about the efficacy of new ingredients, practices or technology. However so exciting are the initial indicators that skin care companies are eager to include new “wonder” ingredients in the never ending search for the ultimate anti-ageing result. More often than not this initial interest is verified and becomes an integral part of the ingredients list we now have in our skin care ranges throughout the world. Some classic examples were the inclusion of Glycolic Acid or Stem Cells, super antioxidants such as Idebenone, peptides like Matryxyl or even the topical use of Retinols. At the time of their introduction to the beauty industry these ingredients were very different from the traditional aromatherapy, plant extract or marine algae ingredients the industry had grown up with.

Thus is the case of an exciting new ingredient Teprenone. Teprenone aka geranylgeranylacetone is a natural plant extract that has traditionally been used as a heat shock protein inducer that provides cells with a resilience and protection from inflammation, free radicals and damage to DNA. Traditionally it has been used to combat the effects of stomach ulcers, colon cancers and ovarian cancer. More recently it has been linked as a cosmetic application to the growing medical interest in inhibiting the shortening of telomeres.

Telomeres are a long nucleotide sequence that terminates the chromosome. These stretches of DNA at the end of chromosomes are a bit like the plastic tips of shoelaces protecting the DNA from damage similar to fraying. Although telomere biology is a relatively new science, research has been ongoing since 1938 and in 1984 a group of scientists from Harvard University were awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research into the effects of telomere shortening.

Basically, during normal ageing, every time our cells divide these telomeres shorten.  Human cells can only replicate themselves a limited number of times (The Hayflick Limit). This gradual loss of telomeric DNA results in cellular senescence meaning the gradual loss gets to a point where they can no longer hold the chromosomes intact and the cell dies. As telomeres shorten the cell doesn’t function as well as it should and this will detrimentally affect whatever area those cells are in the body including the skin. By slowing down the shortening of these telomeres we can extend the life of the cell and achieve the effect of slowing down the ageing process.

Because telomeres are present in every cell of the body, topical application of telomere protection on the skin will result in extended life of skin cells. Researchers already know that an enzyme called telomerase protects cells from degradation. So the secret is to find ingredients that can boost the body’s production of telomerase.

In 2000, the Geron Corporation published a study that suggested that telomerase based therapies could be used in the prevention and possible reversal of the ageing process in human skin cells.

The cosmetics world has already begun introducing telomere affecting ingredients attempting to stabilize telomeres through the use of these ingredients in topically applied creams and serums. Teprenone is one of these new ingredients scientists and product formulators are excited about as a compound that can actively limit oxidative stress in your cells and protect your DNA by helping your skin produce telermerase that protects cells against oxidative damage. In 2006 a patent was permitted for Teprenone as a cosmetic composition to stimulate or promote the mechanisms of DNA protection and / or repair during cell mitosis. Basically protecting the telomeres of the skin’s chromosomes.

Whilst this is new science and there is still to be substantial research into the claims ingredients such as Teprenone make, just like many of our now accepted ingredients Teprenone might well be one of the most important new ingredients available in the search for true anti-ageing formulas. Already some of the most advanced skin care ranges available to salons are including this exciting new ingredient into their products. Look for it when you are next choosing a range for your clinic, spa or salon.

Comprehensive Skin Analysis – A Powerful Sales Tool for Modern Beauty Salons

Written by Ilse Vermeulen on April 29th, 2016.      0 comments

The modern beauty salon has changed dramatically. For many salon owners today their point of difference isn’t impressive marketing, the design or décor of their salon, or even competitive pricing – it’s their practitioners’ perceived expertise.
With the advanced technology, far more invasive treatments and cosmeceutical product choices now available, clients are looking for real experts in skin. They are attracted to salons because of the professional approach they have to skin analysis, treatment selection, programming of in-salon treatments and recommendation of home care. A salon’s perceived expertise in these areas is its primary point of difference over other well established opposition. Yet many salons really don’t take this aspect of their treatment regime seriously enough, and are missing out on a great deal of very astute customers as a result.

There is no doubt that one of the most important skill sets for an aesthetician is skin analysis. It is obvious to everyone that professional aestheticians must be adept at reading the skin and recognising conditions before determining the best method of addressing their client’s concerns. That goes without saying.
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But the provision of a comprehensive skin consultation also acts as an integral sign of our professionalism.
Skin analysis equipment has advanced greatly from the days of Woods Lamps and Black Light Boxes. Now there is a new generation of sophisticated photographic skin analysers that are computerised to do everything from capturing multiple images from high quality cameras, utilising a variety of light sources, to graphical and pictorial analysis of the photographs and the measurement of spots, lines, pores, porphyrin, pigment, redness, dryness, dead skin cells and oil flow.
With astonishing zoom capabilities and the ability to compare side by side before and after photos, these new generation skin scanners are an invaluable aid in the correct analysis of clients’ skin conditions and provide the facts that enable practitioners to provide a comprehensive consultation.
The end result of skin analysis technology is customers seeing for themselves the “truth” about their skin, placing them in a position where the therapist can demonstrate their expertise, knowledge, experience and professionalism. In addition, by storing before and after shots, therapists can ensure customer satisfaction by providing proof of results or measurable progress, as changes in the skin’s condition can be tracked over time.
With many salons now offering advanced services like IPL, microdermabrasion, peels and needling, proper preparation of the skin and post treatment home care is essential to achieve visible results. Detailed photographic evidence and correct diagnosis of the condition of the skin will allow practitioners to ascertain what needs to be done, and when, both in salon and in determining appropriate home care.
In short, skin analysis and consultation, especially when it utilises photographic analysis equipment, is a valuable tool in showing off the professionalism of a salon. The discussion skin consultation generates with clients makes it the ideal time to sell retail, rebook, up-sell treatments and show off the expertise of the therapist.

Article Supplied by Ilse Vermeulen 
Ilse Vermeulen is the Director at Youth Beauty, creator of the DermaPro 3S, locally distributed in New Zealand, and fast becoming one of the best ways for salons to impress their clients, increase their income and grow their businesses.




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