20 reasons to offer cosmetic bright to your clients:
  1. Affordable to clients - under a third cost of dental laser whitening.
  2. Convenient - time saving - combine two or more treatments in one appointment slot.
  3. Professional & instant results that last!
  4. Fantastic gift idea - attracting new clients.
  5. Can be sold as part of a makeover package.
  6. Keeps customers coming back!
  7. Easy treatment to do with low contra-indications
  8. Does not replace an existing product line - a brand new stream of income for your business.
  9. Small outlay - high returns on investment.
  10. Totally safe - FDA & European Union approved - thoroughly trialed & tested.
  11. Recommended as the most effective way to whiten teeth by American Dental Foundation.
  12. Everybody wants whiter teeth & a nice smile.
  13. Up for an award in Europe - taking salons by storm internationally.
  14. Extensive research & development.
  15. Precisely engineered & guaranteed to last for 100,000 light hours!
  16. Easy to use - set & forget - can be done by trainees.
  17. Will attract new customers as a point of difference via word of mouth.
  18. Cutting edge technology - the way of the future for teeth whitening treatments.
  19. Advertising & full support from Youth Beauty.
  20. Finance available for initial purchase of machine.
Give your customers something to smile about. 
Let's face it: one of the first things you notice about people is their smile.
When you meet someone with a bright, natural smile, it catches your attention.
  • In a recent survey by NZ Next Magazine, teeth whitening ranked #1 on the consumer’s wish list, ahead of any other cosmetic procedure.
  • Teeth whitening is now the fastest growing segment within the health and beauty industry.
Until recently, teeth whitening options have been limited to expensive in-chair dental whitening procedures. They were time consuming, complicated and many used messy take home whitening kits.

Similar to in-chair dentist whitening, Cosmetic Bright utilizes light curing technology to speed up the whitening process and produce instant, lasting and professional results, without the expensive price tag!

As time is often a problem for clients, they can now combine the Cosmetic Bright whitening treatment with a wax, manicure or hair colour, all in the comfort of their pharmacy or salon.

NZ Next Magazine: Health & Wellbeing Survey February 2006 (5,000 participants). In the survey:

  • 41% of respondents said they would like to look better
  • 19% are okay about some things and not others
  • One in 10 have had cosmetic surgery – up 4% from 2005 results.
  • Teeth whitening was the top of the cosmetic procedure ‘wish list’(70%)
Comparing the Options
Dentist treatments:
  • Expensive - $1,000+
  • Clinical (after all - who wants to go to the dentist!)
  • Invasive & painful
Dentists use 35%+ hydrogen peroxide. The treatment takes approx 1.5 hours with about half this time masking off and preparing the gums and lips due to the extreme strength of hydrogen peroxide. The actual treatment is quite painful and a lot of people have to stop half way through. Examples of dental laser whiting include Britesmile & Zoom.

Dentists will claim their system lasts for years, but what they fail to mention is that after they make a mould of your teeth you need to maintain the whiteness with a fortnightly to monthly gel applied inside the mould.

Take home Whitening Kits:
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Time consuming / messy / complicated
  • Varied results
  • Non professional perception
The market is flooded with take Home Whitening Kits. They are generally messy and require treatment daily over extended periods of time (weeks & sometimes months). They can also be quite complicated and often don’t give the results they claim.

When a customer buys a take home whitening kit that’s very likely the last time you see them. Most people don’t see the entire treatment through, start off keen than after a few days toss aside.

Britelite Whitening unit
Cosmetic Bright delivers professional results, is easy to use with the added bonus of great margins to the retailer and the added benefit that the customer returns a number of times to use the Britelite Unit.
  • Market breakthrough years of research & was developed by a dentist
  • Is up for an award in Europe
  • 100,000 hours light life (will out live all of us)
  • Full 1 year replacement warranty
  • After this a loan machine is given whilst repairs are undertaken
  • Flexible arm to allow unit to be used at different angles
  • Spring-load stand to allow it to be raised or lowered
  • Wheels for portability
  • Extremely simple, switch on and machine stops automatically after 20minutes
  • Low staff time can utilise junior or trainee staff to set-up client
  • Compact & portable
  • Has full EU & FDA approval
  • Patented balance of UV light & heat has 4 UV lights & 3 LED lights
  • Emits UVA light only which is the safer form of UV light (UVB is the dangerous melanoma form) & UVC doesn’t penetrate the earth’s atmosphere
  • Kit contains 5 x 20 minute sessions to be used on Britelite unit
  • They are not a take home kit and must be used in conjunction with Britelite unit
  • Strips are made by a renowned Belgium based dental company called Remindent
  • The strips are impregnated with 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Extensive research & testing was done to find just the right level of hydrogen peroxide 6% was the outcome. Any stronger caused teeth sensitivity and results of Cosmetic bright are comparable to using stronger % of hydrogen peroxide due to the unique Britelite unit. Dentists have confirmed the combination of heat & light are the main catalysts for speeding up the whitening process and providing better results in a shorter period of time.
  • Some whitening products quote higher % of peroxide but have to bear in mind that a lot of take home kits contain carbamide peroxide not hydrogen peroxide which is 3 time stronger.
  • On contact with the Britelite the heat & rays cause the foam strips to swell, creating a perfect fit against your teeth within the mouth tray
  • The mouth tray has a special built in focal window to ensure rays are directed evenly to upper and lower teeth. There is no need to sit in an uncomfortable position with your mouth clamped open you can gently pull your lips out over the tray and relax
  • With Cosmetic Brights unique foam strips you will not get the leakage as with other products. Eg. gels & solutions just rinse off with your saliva & you end up swallowing half the product.
  • It is not entirely necessary for a client to brush their teeth before the treatment rinsing their mouth will be adequate as it lowers the PH level in the mouth allowing the product to work more efficiently.




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