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Theravine Window Sticker Frosted

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Type: Consumable


The sticker is stuck to the inside of a window to be read from the other side, mirror image from the inside.


First carefully remove the white paper sheet, leaving the logo stuck to the clear plastic sheet. The sticky side of the logo sticker is then facing you. The clear sheet is used to position and place the individual logo elements, and to then be removed leaving the logo behind on the window.


With the logo on the clear plastic sheet, position the sticker to the window – best to have someone guiding from the outside. Once level and in position, gently place the sticker against the window. Rub air bubbles outward over each letter through the clear plastic sheet. Finally gently remove the clear plastic sheet, while making sure that the logo does not lift off the window again.


The logo is seen through the window from the outside, from the inside the logo will be mirror image.

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