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Enozo Laundry AqueousOzone Retro-Fit Tap

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Type: Equipment


Disinfect - Sanitise - Deodorise & eliminate: 
Bacteria – Viruses- Superbugs-Mould & Fungus Spores.

Producing over 400,000 liters of Aqueous Ozone, it takes just minutes to fit to your existing tap - no messy installations - 24/7 antimicrobial water on demand.

This HACCP-FZP-accredited retro tap is perfect for Beauty Services, Health Services, Food Services, Restaurants, Kitchens & Homes

Simple to install and relocate as required. 

Zero Toxic- Chemicals
24/7 Antimicrobial water on demand
Improved Hand/Feet Hygiene
Pre-rinsing & soaking brushes and Instruments prior to autoclaving
Oxidise microbes and prevent biofilm colonising in sinks and S-traps
Easy to install, low-cost, toxic -free- Sustainable Infection Management

Product Lifespan: Approx 400,000L of water. 

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