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What is the Brow Code – ‘CODE” the system, the method

Written by Ilse Vermeulen on August 11th, 2017.      0 comments

What is brow code? Why is Brow Code creating such an industry storm and turning heads and burning plastic world-wide?


Up until recently most salons would have an option on their service menu for a brow wax and separately for a brow tint. Rarely would you see the service offer for a brow sculpt. The consumer demands and awareness for brow sculpting was low and the fashion at the time was small thin brows. The modern consumer is not wanting a brow wax or just a brow tint anymore, they want a brow sculpt - a full brow look and guidance to groom and grow their lashes into shape and style. Hence the new demand for products for salons to now market brow sculpting. There are even reports and feedback we are getting of salons reporting losing business because they did not offer brow sculpting.


Some key points to the products and methods used to create a brow sculpting professional service are:

Brow Brushes – Brow Code dual brush 122 in particular. This brush is the most used in the service and a must have retail item for the consumers.

Brow Pomade – Generally the aesthetician would select a brow pomade shade to suit the client from the 7 available shades in Brow Code range to pre shape the desired outline of the brows. Key selling points to the Brow Code pomades: They are creamy in texture that allows the stylist and consumers to glide the color on the skin providing a smudge proof wear yet the formulation is stay proof but not too sticky where some pomades can act like a unwanted depilatory wax. The Brow Code pomades formula was redefined a number of times to not only allow this glide texture but also to create stability and resistance so the product would have difficulty going hard and pasty in the jar. The BC pomade if left with the lid off will go hard but from all testing the resistance of BC to go hard is greater than all other products tested.


Brow Wax and Brow Tint: It is at this point where there is a big change from brow waxing to brow sculpting. In order to create the fuller brow look we need to pre shape outline where the ideal brow should be and wax around that area and tint the skin within that outlined area. Key Selling points to the Brow Code wax: It is unique unlike any other wax on the International market. It is specifically formulated for the needs of brow sculpting. The BC wax applies similar to a strip wax yet it is a hot wax. The wax is transparent so you can see where you are sculpting. It has a fresh yet subtle Japanese Cherry blossom fragrance.  Waxing the delicate facial and skin area above the eyes is not what you want to be repeatedly waxing over, the Brow Code wax removes even the finest hairs the once over. On the Brow Code Instagram page there has been some amazing reviews from clients from all over the World worth reading. The Brow Code wax formula is completely unique and exclusive to Brow Code.


The tint: e color is different to others, it is a gel like consistently with rich color pigments that are easily absorbed. The consistency and application of e color is the most ideal tint for brow tinting. E color brow skin staining: can last up to five days on the skin. Again read some the international feedback on Instagram on the new results salons are achieving by switching to e color.  


Once the service of outlining, tinting and waxing is complete the aesthetician continues to complete the brows by defining and lining the brows with the selected pomade shade in combination with the brow tinted setting gel.

As the consumer now has these new look wonderful brows they want to maintain this look! The tinted skin will last up to 5 days so it at this point the brow stylist needs to show the consumer the shade or pomade or tinted setting gel they used so the client can continue maintaining the look and grooming their brows to grow into this new shape.


The tinted setting gel acts to color the hair of the brows where the pomade colors the skin. The tinted setting gel if also penetrated deep enough into the brows can also color the skin. The gel texture component of the Tint setting gel formula also sets the brow hairs in place. Ideally used everyday but also valuable for clients in between brow tints to maintain great brow color. 


The engineer behind the Brow Code range is Melanie Marris. Melanie has an international following due to some of her pioneering methods to the brow sculpt. Melanie boasts an International celebrity clientele and three very successful Brow only sculpting studios in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


The Brow Code range launched May 15th 2017, 6 months behind schedule due to the persistence of Melanie and the Brow Code team to refine and re-construct each item in the range until it performed as it should.


Tweezers: At this stage we anticipate the tweezers should be available in 6 – 10 weeks. The tweezers were manufactured for International launch however Melanie was not entirely content with the level of quality and materials used. So the tweezers range are now under complete redevelopment before re-launching!


Brow Code education: At this stage Brow Code demonstrations  are on offer. Official Brow Code education will be run exclusively by Melanie and her BC team, coming soon! You tube videos and demonstrations also coming soon!



If there is anything else we can do to better serve you, please ask!








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