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Prestige Medical Visage Autoclave

Written by Youth Beauty on March 20th, 2018.      0 comments

The Classic product is ideally positioned for the cosmetology industry. It is a small, lightweight unit which uses steam to sterilize instruments in a 28 min cycle. Easy to operate and in a powdered-white finish, this autoclave fits in well with the décor of the Salon. The fact that it is the next most important tool, after the salon essentials, it is becoming increasingly well known amongst those who wish to define themselves against the competition.

In Beauty School, the pre-licensed manicurist is repeatedly taught that there are 3 levels to Infection Control: sanitation, disinfection and sterilization. It is the third step which is crucial to avoid cross-infection, yet is altogether underrated as unfortunately this has yet to become a law in New Zealand.

Many salons use a disinfectant solution, which is time-consuming (washing, rinsing, drying etc) as well as messy (accidents, spills, clean-ups, hazardous) but it meets with NZ's hygiene requirements. It is also wholey reliant on the diligence of the staff tasked with the job. The message that should be made vitally clear is that: it is spores that cause fungal infections and using a disinfectant such as Barbicide® does not kill them. 
However, using an autoclave will result in the complete destruction of this level of micro-organisms. The risk of cross-infection from the instruments is therefore eliminated.

Using an autoclave should help you to hold your business at a higher standard than your competition. Prioritizing safety measures for your client’s protection should be emphasized in your communication to your clients as a point of difference.

As a result, the clientele will realize the high quality of service offered and inevitably this goes a long way to boosting their salon business.
Understanding the importance of safety as well as infection control with nail care means that there are no corners cut where hygiene and client well-being are concerned. At Precision Nails, everyone adheres to the
principles that all reusable tools should be sanitized, dried and then sterilized using an autoclave. It is also
accepted that the Prestige Medical Classic steam sterilizer unit complements the practices of the cosmetologists.
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Jaime comments: Looking after the clients, their health and safety and the equipment that makes them feel
special is important, especially when providing a unique service which will highlight your salon from the rest.
A lot of cosmetologists are unwittingly duped into believing that the ‘cabinet with the UV light and the word ‘sterilizer’ on the door, is capable of producing the same results on all equipment, in any industry. Unfortunately many salons have been fined for ‘Improper Disinfection’, when that sterilization did not meet with State standards. Jaime is confident in stating that the autoclave is the safest, most convenient and successful method of infection control that she has come across in all her years of experience. She has used the Prestige Medical machines for the last 10 years and is convinced that this small investment has proved invaluable to her business. It meets and exceeds the standards set by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, in California. The bench-top unit is well-designed, functions superbly and provides that reassurance of quality - manufactured by a UK company dedicated to the production of sterilizers since 1986.
Furthermore, the Classic 2100 is cost-effective, easy to clean, FDA approved and the fast cycle time allows the cosmetologist to service clients whilst the sterilization takes place. The fact that there is a lifetime replacement guarantee on the heating chamber is a testimony to the value of the investment. This Classic is an entry level unit ideal for small businesses such as Salons, Tattooists / Body Artists as it eliminates cross–infection from the use of industry tools. Using a simple one-touch operation, the autoclave works at 121degrees Celsius and has multiple integrated safety features to prevent injury to the user. Prestige Medical’s product range focuses on eliminating issues arising from the use of dirty tools.
Sterilization and Legislation is a widely talked about subject amongst those at the forefront of the Industry. It is a well known fact that the Law governing both the medical and dental field on this subject dictates the use of an autoclave. This then begs the question as to why cosmetologists are ‘let off’ with just disinfecting, when the work involved is just as personal? The risks can be very similar. Cross infection has led to serious problems and much more, which have ultimately resulted in greater financial loss for the salon owners.
Research has shown that Texas is the first state to pass legislation specifying sterilization as a key step to infection control, in the Beauty Industry. It was also in Texas that Kimberley Kay Jackson, who adored maintaining her monthly pedicures, had fatal consequences resulting in complications leading
from a cut on her heel from a pumice stone (2006).
Jaime Schrabeck serves on California’s Industry Advisory Committee for the Board of Barbering and
Cosmetology. Additionally, she writes articles for leading publications, consults with the major manufacturers and teaches her learned and tested methodology. This salon owner re-educates cosmetologists on best practice and the three steps to infection control. Her advice is always the same: protect your client’s safety. The easiest way to prevent cross infection is to use a sterilizer.






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