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Hygiene Recommendations

Written by Youth Beauty on July 19th, 2018.      0 comments

Key difference between Sanitation and Sterilization;


Sanitizing is the process of reducing the number of organisms (in brewing, we're worried about bad bacteria, mainly - but others also like fungi and unwanted yeast).


Disinfecting is the process of removing material from the surface.


Sterilizing is like sanitizing, but removing ALL microorganisms (any living being - microscopic).


The lowest level of cleaning in a sterile manner is sanitation, followed by disinfection and then Sterilization.

What to recommend salons to buy to help their clients and salons stay hygienic.  

Glass bead sterilizer – ($150+GST) Once unit is turned on it then heats to 230 degrees and above – hot enough to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, and viral spores. Only good for small metal implements eg, cuticle nippers, nail scissors/ clippers, tweezers. When the unit reaches the appropriate temperature (in about 10 to 15 minutes), a light goes on. The therapist can put nippers or cuticle pusher and, holding the implement by the handle, dips it about an inch or so into the hot beads. After 10 to 15 seconds the heat has killed the microorganisms on the portion of the implement that was dipped into the well. After completion of dry heat treatment we recommend to spray with sanitizer and keep in a UV cabinet for ultimate protection.

UV (ultraviolet) Cabinet – (starting at $160+GST) UV cabinets are used to create an unstable environment for bacteria to grow in. However always recommend to use Glass Bead Sterilizer first to make sure all bacteria is destroyed before placing in UV Cabinet. However UV bulb kills most microorganisms

Equipment rinse – (1lt $13.95+GST, 5lt $49.95+GST) this is an ideal product to use to clean your equipment with. This product is to be diluted with water. Great to clean all equipment before putting in UV cabinet. Main ingredient (Quaternary Ammonium) which is anti-micro able

Citrus Cleaner – (1lt $17.95+GST, 5lt $$69.95+GST) this natural based citrus wax Cleanser is the perfect tool for cleaning up wax pots, wax spills, gums and greasy stains.

Gloves – When choosing gloves you have two different options. Latex or Vinyl. These are both highly protective and highly recommend to wear when in contact with clients. Below are the benefits for each;

Vinyl Gloves

  • Latex-free

  • Have a looser fit

  • Are good for short-term, low-risk tasks

  • Are the most economic option

  • Have anti-static properties

  • Are best for use with non-hazardous materials

  • Are lightly powdered to make it easier to put on


Latex Gloves

  • Fit like a second skin

  • Have a high level of touch sensitivity

  • Are good for wearing for an extended amount of time

  • Work well for high-risk situations involving infectious material

  • Are cost-effective

  • Are lightly powdered, making it easier to put on

  • Are very elastic and strong

  • Are biodegradable







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