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Cracked Heel Solution – Medi Heel

Written by Shantelle Booysen on November 16th, 2016.      0 comments

Discover how to have smooth heels – The Truth be told. We have your cracked heel solution!

Ever had a pair of shoes that irritated you endlessly? Every noticed how the skin hardens around the irritated area on your little toe?


The callused skin is caused by friction to the skin. Let’s simplify.  When you cause friction to the skin with a band on a shoe or a tight fitting shoe, the brain will receive a message of injury. The body has a defense mechanism to protect itself and will instantly start forming more layers of skin to protect this area of the skin.

Ever noticed how cyclist have callused palms? Yes, this is exactly what happens. The bicycle handle causes friction on the hand and the body experience injury. It immediately reacts and forms a nice thing layer of skin to protect itself against further injury.

When we look at our feet, it is no different and when we file our feet excessively we are doing exactly the same thing. Our body will react in the same manner and protect through forming a thick callus.

This might be the reason why your heels are getting worse every time you file or blade the foot.

At Elim we believe in working with your body instead of against the body.

We reveal wisdom and truth about the functionality of the human body, its reaction to ingredients and the science behind our instinctive intelligence.

Everything we do at Elim is cultivated with a clear focus on the effect and remaining true to our philosophy of enhancing the body’s innate capabilities.

If you consciously let your body take care of you, it will become your greatest ally and trusted partner. – Deepak Chopra

We deliver products that are informed by natural science and that have been meticulously refined by our team of experts. We are invested in maintaining an exemplary service to our customers and distributors and ensuring that our products provide an enduring experience.

If you are wondering how else to get rid of these hard layers of skin, I can explain.

As stated by Dr. Oz on his famous show, it is safer to use a callous remover and make sure you neutralize it afterwards.

It is also recommendable to use a good quality heel balm with active ingredients. We recommend the Elim Foot Perfector that nourish and protects but also ensures a non-slip in the shoe after application.

You might want to use the callus remover more than once for extreme heels, but don’t despair, your Callus kit contains enough for at least 10 treatments.

See how we healed extreme heels in only three treatments:




To follow the full @ home MediHeel Pedicure you may also opt for our Miracle Box. It contains all 8 essential elements for the perfect pedicure at home.

Use wisdom the next time you do a Pedicure. It will give you longer lasting results.







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