IPL & Laser: FAQs

What is Apollo III & IV Photofacial Technology?  
Photofacial Technology is a new and unique aesthetic procedure. Using a series of full face Intense Pulsed Light treatments, redness of the skin and flushing of the face, neck and chest can be successfully treated. In addition, treatment improves the visible signs of skin ageing and rosacea by reducing fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, open capillaries and irregular pigmentation.
How can I determine if this treatment is right for me? 
Through a skin analysis will be evaluated suitability to the treatment and full explanation of the procedure will be given. Currently, Photofacial Technology is the latest, most exciting and effective procedure to treat the visible signs of acne and rosacea.
What is the treatment like?  
Photofacial Technology consists of five, thirty to forty five minute, treatments spaced three weeks apart. Intense Pulsed Light is flashed along the skin of the face, and in some instances, neck and chest. Clients describe the sensation as feeling like the snap of a rubber band.
When will I be able to return to my normal activities?  
Clients experience no down time. However, it may be necessary to apply an ice pack on the treated area for at least 20 minutes or longer after treatment. This reduces redness and swelling. In most instances, normal activities can be resumed immediately.
What kind of results can be expected?  
Clients generally experience an overall improvement of skin tone, skin texture and regain a more youthful appearance of their skin. Greatest improvements were also seen in facial flushing, facial redness, open capillaries, irregular pigmentation and fine wrinkles. In addition, skin texture and pore size was improved. Treatments were tolerated with no client down time.
What kind of results for hands?  
Brown spots on the hands are treated very successfully with Apollo IV Intense Pulsed Light. Apollo IV hand-piece is passed along the surface of the skin on the hands. Pigment is shattered at the cell level and then flakes off within a week.
What kind of results for Dark Circles?  
Dark Circles around the eyes fall into two categories. Some are caused by pigment on the skin around the eyes and some are vascular in nature. Pigment can successfully be treated with Apollo IV Intense Pulsed Light.
What is Apollo III & IV Photovascular Technology?  
Photovascular Technology is a new definitive treatment for the smaller ropey varicose veins and reticular veins of the legs. Frequently ropey veins collapse at the end of treatment with no damage to the skin and no down time.
What causes spider and varicose veins?  
Many factors contribute to the formation of varicose and spider veins. The effects of time, gravity and genetic influence all cause veins, which normally function to carry blood back to the heart, to lose the tight seal of their valves causing blood to back up. This, in turn, forces the thin walled veins to expand, resulting in ropey or blue reticular veins. Engorged capillaries then expand several times their normal size forming spider veins.
How can I determine if this treatment would be right for me?  
Unsightly veins are always caused by a failure somewhere in the venous system of your legs. Our comprehensive assessment and treatment regime identifies the underlying cause of your varicose and spider veins and effectively treats your veins so that they do not come back.
What is the treatment like?  
The Photovascular Technology consists of a comprehensive primary treatment with a follow-up visit in four weeks to check progress and determine if a further treatment is necessary. The procedure is usually well tolerated. The Photovascular Technology feels like a short, non-enduring sting resembling the snap of a rubber band.
When will I be able to return to my normal activities?  
Patients experience no down time. However, we encourage patients to relax, avoid being on their feet long hours the first day after treatment and refrain from taking a hot bath the first 24 hours. Aerobic exercise can be resumed a few days later. You can return to work immediately.
What kind of results can be expected?  
It is essential to have realistic expectations. The Photovascular Technology heats and occludes treated vessels. The body then absorbs the vessels in much the same way it does a bruise. Depending on how much tissue must be absorbed, this process takes time. It does not erase veins immediately. Many patients, especially those with big blue varicose veins, see excellent results within one to two weeks, with some ropey veins disappearing at the time of treatment. Patients with small spider veins find that most of them will clear within four weeks. Because underlying problems are addressed, spider veins are less likely to return.