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EpilaDerm EnzymeCare for long-term hair growth reduction

EpilaDerm EnzymeCare is a professional product applied immediately after epilation in the salon by the beautician. EpilaDerm EnzymeCare reduces hair growth enzymatically (protein-splitting) so that the hairs are thinner, lighter, softer and much less over time. It is used for the optimum post-epilative skin care: It soothes, cools and moisturizes the skin. In addition the EnzymeCare has an anti-inflammatory effect in order to soothe redness and prevent skin irritations.

There is no need to use Laser when you can use EpilaDerm to a fraction of the costs!

What are the advantages for the customers?

The EnzymeCare can be used for all body areas – including the intimate area. It is suitable for use on any customer regardless of skin or hair type. It is applicable in all seasons for men and women! It leads to longer intervals between treatments over time. It is very affordable! With EpilaDerm EnzymeCare you can ensure your customers long-lasting hair reduction while enjoying greater customer loyalty and higher referral rates

The advanced R&D with proteolytic enzymes is the key to a unique product

The Enzyme Care is a two-phase system consisting of an Enzyme Complex (30 ml) and an Accelerator (30 ml). In addition it is the only 3-in-1 postdepilatory product with proteolytic active enzymes of its kind. For some insights into the outstanding R&D behind the proteolytic enzymes in this product


EpilaDerm BodyCare Products serve for skin care and optimization of the results between treatments

The BodyCare products are retail items to be applied at home for optimum results with the depilation. They ensure the ongoing success of the EpilaDerm applications, an easier work-flow, less material consumption and lower cost. At the same time your customers get a beautiful and healthy skin without irritations and ingrown hair. The EpilaDerm BodyCare products are the accompanying “Must-Have-Skin-Care” between the hair removal/sugaring treatments.

EpilaDerm BodyCare Enzyme Peeling reduces ingrown hairs and smoothes the skin

The EpilaDerm Enzyme-Peeling is gentle to use because neither friction nor grinding takes place at the skin surface (no microinjuries). The gentle EpilaDerm Enzyme-Peeling not only leads to smooth and velvety skin, but it also keeps the aperture of the hair follicles free of dead skin cells and can thus reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

EpilaDerm BodyCare Inhibitor to optimize the depilation and to inhibit hair growth

The Inhibitor contain a lotion with special enzymes that inhibits hair growth by dissolving the hair tips. The BodyCare Inhibitor is suitable for sensitive skin and does not clog the apertures of the hair follicle, keeping them open and smooth. It is therefore the ideal complementary skincare at home to the EpilaDerm EnzymeCare.

Tip for men: The BodyCare Inhibitor is an excellent after-shave-care that maintains the skin and can extend the time until the next shave.