Elim MediHeel: FAQs

How do I order my MediHeel pack for personal use?
You can buy online from this website – merely visit the product page and select the items you would like to use. Alternatively, contact Head Office by emailing us and we can provide you with a list of Spas and Salons stocking MediHeel products.
How long should i leave the Tonic on?
Usually you will see results in 10 minutes, in extreme cases you can leave it on for 15 minutes.
How do I apply the MediHeel chemical peel?
For your convenience, we have created a video with step by step instructions to guide you through the process. You can watch it here.
What is the glove for?
The Tonic contains Sodium Hydroxide which can be an irritant to some people, your glove is for your own hygiene and comfort.
How many treatments will I get out of my bottle?
If you work wisely and your cotton wool is really thin, you should work on 10ml per client. This will give you 10 treatments per retail pack.
How long will the feet stay beautiful?
It should last at least 10 days. If you’d like to prolong the results, use our Foot Perfector daily.
Can I buy the pumice stone separately?
Yes you can, we sell them individually and it is a great idea to give these to clients to take home, they can use them in the shower with soap and water for maintenance.
How long can I keep the product?
It will last at least 2 years on the shelf.
What is the active ingredients? 
Sodium hydroxide.
Can I sell the salon pack to a client?
Yes, we retail them to clients.
What if my client wants to go bathroom while treatment is on?
Simply wrap some cling film on their feet and they can walk on their toes.
Can I sell the refill to clients?
No, refills are only for salon use, we cannot guarantee the results without all the other components e.g. the dropper, scraper and dropper.
Will the chemical peel hurt the client?
No. MediHeel’s chemical peel is a Keratolytic chemical and only works on the dead skin cells, it will not affect the healthy skin.
Can I use it for eczema and psoriasis clients?
No absolutely not, the skin is too thin under the feet.
I'm a Spa - Why should I use MediHeel products?

We offer preferential pricing to all our Spa and Salon customers, so you will be able to offer your clients a great pedicure while making an attractive margin.

Our foot peel is a quick and inexpensive treatment – a perfect upsell to a client who walks in for a general treatment and is looking for a little bit of extra pampering.

Stock the full range of MediHeel items as retail products you can sell to clients who want to buy it as gifts or for home use.

How much will a MediHeel "Starter Kit" cost?
Check the product page for the latest MediHeel pricing. If you are a corporate buyer wanting to use MediHeel products in your Salon or Spa, please give us call on 0800 232 900 minimum order quantities and pricing.