Elim MediHand: FAQs

What makes Elim MediHand different from my current offering?

Manicures have been done the same way for many years, and just like our Pedicure range we looked at how we could improve the process. We found a need for an anti-ageing professional range with supporting retail products and this is exactly what we are offering you.

This range is for the client who struggles with ageing hands or wants to prevent ageing on her hands.
The product is also aimed at giving the therapist a better experience, limiting the labour and concentrating on the pampering, not compromising on outcomes or results.


Why an Anti-Ageing Manicure?
Our hands are the part of our body that is the most exposed to the sun and harsh conditions. The anti-ageing manicure will give you younger more healthy looking hands, whilst eliminating sun damaged dark spots.
Does any of your products have a UV Filter?
Absolutely, we sell our Ultra Rich Hand Therapy with UV filters & our Age Reversal Hand Cream has an SPF 30.
What if I already have sun damage or ageing hands?
We suggest the use of our 3 step programme which includes the Hydro Thermal Peel, the Age Reversal Hand Cream and the Dark Spot Serum. You will see visible results in 14 days.
What is the difference between 2 hand creams?

The Ultra Rich Hand Therapy is a hydrating cream that restores moisture to your skin. It brightens your skin and helps to fight the signs of ageing on your hands. It’s for the person that does not have age/sun spots, but that wants to prevent pre-mature ageing or deal with lines and wrinkles on the hands.

The Age Reversal Hand Cream is a treatment cream that helps reverse the signs of ageing on your hands. It helps to eliminate dark spots and the appearance of wrinkles and creates an even skin tone. It’s for the person that already has sun damaged skin, to improve the overall look of the skin to a more youthful appearance.

What is the active ingredients in your Age Reversal Cream?
We used 22 ingredients, the most important being Bearberry & Niacinamide for skin lightening.
What makes the Hydro Thermal Peel different?

Your Hydro Thermal Peel can be used as a daily exfoliator to remove dull, dead skin cells. The unique thermal agent with heating actives will enhance penetration of minerals and anti-ageing actives. It will leave the hands looking radiant and polished.

Enriched with Sweet Almond oil and Camomile, natural Olive oil and Beeswax it is a multi active skin conditioner as it exfoliates.

What is the Illuminating Nail Cleanser?
Apart from being an antioxidant and anti-fungal for your nails, it has strong whitening effects and will leave the nail looking like it just had a French manicure. It also helps to remove stains from your nails and fingers, for example smoking stains. It also contains Hydrating agents to leave the nails and fingers healthy and hydrated.
What is the active ingredients to whiten nails?
Papaya Extract.
Will my client see lasting effects if she only comes in once a month for a manicure?
Straight after her manicure her hands will look and feel radiant, shiny and young, but for her to see lasting effects she will need to use the products at home.
What makes your Ultra Rich Hand Therapy different from other hand creams?
Apart from having the anti-ageing ingredients, it is a non stick non-oily hand cream.
Do you provide a point of sale?
Yes we do, please ask your representative to show you the beautiful point of sale for your counter.
Will the cost of my manicures increase?
It shouldn’t. Ask your representative to break down your costing and show you how you can offer an anti-ageing manicure for less.
Can I still offer my normal Manicures?
We suggest 3 manicures on your menu
• Express Mani
• Normal Mani
• MediHand Anti-ageing Mani / MediHand Delux Mani

Do you provide all the units used in a manicure?
No we believe that there are great varnish products on the market and we do not provide you with products eg cotton wool and acetone. The products we provide will be the cream, exfoliator and nail whitening agents.
Why do I see so much pigmentation on my clients?
We believe it is because of the use of the UV lamps.