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Why partner with Taste Success?

Add an extra layer of value to your health and wellness business by becoming a Taste Success Affiliate today and let us take care of your clients nutritional challenges.

Let us help build trust between you and your client.

$50 for every referral you send in our direction, paid monthly directly to your bank account.

Meal plans, recipe books, shopping lists and healthy lifestyle advice all done for you in our user friendly online platform - completely hands off for you and your business.

Proven Benefits:

  • Encourages client loyalty to your business

  • Keeps customer needs in-house

  • Great for word-of-mouth marketing to attract new customers

We provide you with:

  • QR code for your site (physical, web and social marketing)

  • Affiliate code for your customers to use to get a discounted nutrition programme through us

  • A training for you and your team on the benefits to your customer and your business

Their Programmes

Taste Success are carefully designed nutrition programmes, that come complete with a beautiful digital recipe book to keep, meal plans, weekly shopping lists and healthy living tips.
Read here to find out more, and pick a programme to suit your needs:

Skin Health Nutrition Programme

• 6-weeks of skin-loving nutritious recipes
• Improving skin health and general wellbeing
• NZD $200 ($150 with affiliate code)

The specialised Skin Health Nutrition Programme has been developed to nourish your skin from the inside out through nutrition. During this programme you will be introduced to delicious and nutrient-rich recipes that are made from clean wholefoods, so you will not only notice improvements on your skin health, but your whole wellbeing.

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Plant-based Nutrition Programme

  • 6-weeks of easy plant-based wholefood eating
    • Cover your nutrient bases with our delicious recipes and educational resources
    • NZD $200 ($150 with affiliate code)

    Our specialised Plant-based Nutrition Programme has been developed to nourish your body with nutritious recipes that deliver quality nutrition while avoiding animal products. With the many known health benefits of a plant-based diet, our intention for this book is that you have the opportunity to experience improved health and a greater sense of wellbeing for yourself, while avoiding some of the common nutritional deficiencies that a poorly managed vegan diet can sometimes bring.

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Foundation Nutrition Programme

  • 12-week Nutrition Programme

  • Healthy lifestyle change

  • NZD $250 ($200 with affiliate code)

    The Foundation Nutrition Programme is developed for anyone looking for a great first step into a healthier lifestyle. This 12-week nutrition programme will teach you how to cook easy and healthy meals with fresh, real ingredients, how to plan meals in advance to avoid pitfalls, and how to support yourself during challenging moments.

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Refresh Nutrition Programme

  • 12-weeks of delicious, easy, fresh recipes

  • Cementing new healthy habits into your everyday life

  • NZD $250 ($200 with affiliate code)

    The Refresh Nutrition Programme has been developed to build on the achievements gained over the 12 weeks of the Foundations programme, however it can just as easily be done as a stand-alone. It continues to strengthen and build your daily healthy eating habits. You will also be introduced to new healthy recipes, and will learn to include ingredients that may be new to you.

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Gut Health Nutrition Programme

  • 6-week Nutrition Programme

  • Improving gut health and general wellbeing

  • NZD $200 ($150 with affiliate code)

    The Gut Health Nutrition Programme has been developed to nourish your gut and make you feel great! With this 6-week nutrition plan, you will learn to nourish your gut with healthy food and will notice a difference in general wellbeing along with digestive changes to nourish your body.

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