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Theravine Limited Edition ICT Stem Cell Trio

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Unlock the transformation of natures hidden treasures into AGE DEFYING skincare with the purchase of the ICE CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY TRIO.

Theravine Limited Edition ICT Stem Cell Trio Includes:
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  • VALUE: $349
  • RRP: $270 
  • SAVE: $79 

Why Ice Crystal Technology?

  • Wears off the daily aggressors of life such as pollutants, sleep deprivation, stress and poor dietary habits
  • Accelerates cell renewal
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Protects the skin’s DNA
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The collection boasts 3 revolutionary products - incredible alone, ingenious together.

1. Multi-Perfection⁴ Eye Cream – with Ice Crystal Technology

One of the first places where signs of ageing begin to emerge is around the delicate eye contour. As we age, the thick collagen network that gives the skin its structural support, begins to lose its integrity. The skin becomes thinner and more fragile and as a result thereof is especially vulnerable to the unsightly changes that accompany ageing.

TheraVine™ is proud to be one of the first in the cosmetic industry to produce an eye treatment preparation that shows a significant lifting action on sagging upper eyelids and is safely applied directly to the eyelid. With the addition of a first of its kind highly acclaimed active known as Beautifeye™, this product can now target every possible eye concern making it a breakthrough in the field of corrective eye care.

Apart from working miracles by introducing powerful high-tech age-reversing actives into the skin, this product effectively minimizes dark circles, strengthens the dermal structure of the eye, noticeably lifts drooping upper eyelids and firms under-eye puffiness. The scientific nature in which this product performs allows for its extremely diverse functionality and it is therefore the perfect alternative to invasive surgery due to its ability to lift drooping eyelids.

Furthermore to this, the addition of soft focus optical diffusers gently illuminates the skin and already improves the appearance of the skin from the first application while the cutting-edge ingredients deliver results from as little as 7 days.

2. Sculpting Neck Volumator – with Ice Crystal Technology

Second to the eye area, the neck is normally one of the first places where signs of ageing become visible. Maturing skin loses its ability to retain its original structure and moisture which can directly result in skin sagging. This is often further aggravated by enzymes that naturally occur in the skin but are responsible for slowing the cellular metabolism and destroying vital structural proteins such as collagen and elastin. The only effective way of addressing this phenomenon is to introduce actives which work on both the epidermal layers of the skin, as well as the dermis.

Enter this velvety textured neck, décolleté and bust treatment lotion with cutting-edge, advanced dual-action plant stem cell technology, combined with a highly specialised tetra-peptide which actively helps improve the appearance of the skin tone, density, strength and firmness.

The addition of Uplevity, an excellent new firming peptide, to this weightless lotion helps to strengthen and fortify skin by stimulating the most abundant collagens in the skin. Skin in this area therefore shows improvement in volume while the firming effect particularly helps skin around the jaw line to appear more sculpted. High percentages of Hyaluronic Acid further prevents moisture loss and ensures skin remains supple and comfortable.

3. Superdefence Skin Densifier – with Ice Crystal Technology

The third product in this iconic line is characterised by its exquisite silky texture. Cutting-edge, advanced dual-action plant stem cell technology actively helps promote the appearance of skin density, elasticity and firmness, whilst deeply hydrating the skin. A face serum like no other, this formulation delivers intense hydration and smoothness while stem cell technology actives expertly work overtime on both epidermal and dermal stem cells to preserve the skin and defend it from environmental damage which results in premature ageing.

Containing the highest concentrations of next generation actives, the formulation is ultimately designed for a mature, dehydrated skin already indicative of collagen damage. There is however no better way to stop time in its tracks and get that fresh, radiant looking skin than to prevent the ageing process altogether.

The success of this collection and what makes it truly remarkable, is how key ingredients from the snow algae powder and plant stem cells are transferred to the skin allowing the skin to become more resistant to the assaults of the environment. By fortifying the skin, the actives contained in the complex not only wears off the daily aggressors of life such as pollutants, sleep deprivation, stress and poor dietary habits, it also accelerates cell renewal and increases skin hydration while protecting the skin’s DNA and in doing so, results in a skin that looks younger for longer – our most revolutionary trio to date.
ICT - Sculpting Neck Volumator (1)
ICT - Sculpting Neck Volumator (2)
The much anticipated Plant Stem Cell Ice Crystal Technology Trio has arrived – scientific excellence waiting to exceed all your expectations!

TheraVine™’s most recent plant stem cell collection - Ice Crystal Technology – unlocks the transformation of nature’s hidden treasures into age-defying skin care.

Inspired by the discovery of the super natural survival powers of one individual algae and an extraordinary flower in the harshest conditions on earth, the TheraVine™ laboratories have mastered the art of extracting the breakthrough technology hidden in ice crystal technology combined with the splendour of stem cells and turned it into premium time resistant skin care.

Pioneers in advanced skincare, TheraVine™ used this unique phyto substance of snow algae powder with specialised properties which protect and activate the longevity factors in skin cells. In doing so, Ice Crystal Technology rejuvenates and protects the skin at cellular level and strengthens the cells’ defence mechanism by reducing its caloric output which allows it to survive far beyond normal expectation

– a scientific breakthrough in the field of skin youth preservation.

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