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Our MediHeel range is made to nourish and heal feet.
As with all of the products here at Elim.
This range is inspired by your body's own wisdom and supported by natural science. 
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ELIM MediHeel range is made to nourish and heal feet.

As with all of the products here at Elim, this range is inspired by your body’s own wisdom and supported by natural science.

Unlike traditional pedicures which often involve a tough filing of the heel, our MediHeel range is built on the belief and science that shows us that such a rigorous procedure leads to the body invoking its defence mechanism, building more tough (almost scar-like tissue) on the affected area and thus maintaining the vicious cycle of cracked, damaged skin.

We believe in the power of the body to restore and rejuvenate and so with MediHeel, our products and recommended procedures work with the body to nourish the skin so that cracked heels will be a thing of the past.

Discover how to have smooth heels.
The Truth be told. We have your cracked heel solution!

The callused skin is caused by friction to the skin. Let’s simplify.  When you cause friction to the skin with a band on a shoe or a tight fitting shoe, the brain will receive a message of injury. The body has a defense mechanism to protect itself and will instantly start forming more layers of skin to protect this area of the skin.

Ever noticed how cyclist have callused palms? Yes, this is exactly what happens. The bicycle handle causes friction on the hand and the body experience injury. It immediately reacts and forms a nice thing layer of skin to protect itself against further injury.

When we look at our feet, it is no different and when we file our feet excessively we are doing exactly the same thing. Our body will react in the same manner and protect through forming a thick callus.

This might be the reason why your heels are getting worse every time you file or blade the foot.

At Elim we believe in working with your body instead of against the body.

We reveal wisdom and truth about the functionality of the human body, its reaction to ingredients and the science behind our instinctive intelligence.


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