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Theravine Retail Age-Defying Rejuvenator 250ml

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Type: Solution


Formulated with Hydronesis® and Juvinity™, the Age-Defying Rejuvenator leaves dry skin looking and feeling firmer, smoother and more radiant while the soft scent of iris delicately envelopes your skin. You can expect this thick and luxurious formula to leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully moisturized with an improved texture and resilience.

What you need to know:

Hydronesis® activates your skin’s regeneration response by promoting exfoliation and simultaneously hydrating rough body textures to improve radiance and smoothness, while the power house ingredient Juvinity™, to which this product owes its name, improves the skin elasticity and tone and provides a skin smoothing effect, improving the skin’s density and replenishes its barrier.

While Shea Butter further improves the skin’s elasticity, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed Oil helps hydrate and reinforce the skin’s defense against free radical damage.

Directions for use:

Apply daily or as needed following a shower or bath and massage into the skin using gentle upward stroking movements.

Recommended for use after using Age-Defying AHA Resurfacing Peel

Important instructions:

• Suitable for use on the body only
• Dry and mature skin, addressing the visible signs of ageing
• Environmentally damaged skin
• Dull, devitalised complexions with uneven skin tone
• Suitable for sensitive skin and post waxing application
• Safe for use during pregnancy


• Juvinity™
– Improves skin elasticity and tone whilst smoothing wrinkles
– Restructures and improves skin density
– Intensely nourishes and hydrates the skin
• Hydronesis®
– Increased cell renewal
– Promotes a healthy hydrolipidic film
– Encourages a smooth and soft feel to the skin
– Reduces redness, sensitivity and irritation
Support Ingredients
• Shea Butter
• Sweet Almond and Grapeseed Oil
• Aloe Ferox

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