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Theravine Professional Grape Infused Exfoliating Sponge Soap

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Type: Consumable


A refreshing, re-usable vegetable soap embedded in an exfoliating sponge. It cleanses the skin and sloughs off dead skin cells leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

What you need to know:
This easy to hold soap sponge enables you to manage your most challenging angles with expert handling and control. Refined crushed Pinotage Grapseeds provide a gentle exfoliation, while a soothing lather containingf calming Redbush extract spreads over your body leaving your skin feeling cleansed, smooth and revived.

Directions for use:
Soften the Grape Infused Exfoliating Sponge Soap in warm water.  Wash and exfoliate the body using gentle, circular movements.  Rinse off.

Red Grape Skin Extract, Redbush Extract.

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