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ENZYMEFIX Skin Renewal Mask - 60ml

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Type: Mask


A non-mechanical exfoliating mask, ENZYMEFIX is formulated with natural enzymes that eliminate dead skin cells and promote cell renewal for smoother more luminous skin. Containing powerful karatolytic enzymes of pineapple and papaya extracts along with soothing Aloe, this remarkable exfoliating mask is a fabulous alternative to harsh manual exfoliants or the tingle of most acid peels

Due to its gentle activity, it is recommended for all skin types and particularly for sensitive skin.

Paraben free
Sulphate free
Fragrance free

Active ingredients: Bacillus ferment, Papaya extract, Pineapple extract, Aloe.
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Bacillus Ferment
Derived from probiotic extracts, this is a source of protease enzymes that help loosen cell cohesion while stimulating digestion of keratin protein in the epidermis.
In a 28 day study, Bacillus ferment has been proven to:
  • Decrease the appearance of rough skin by over 19%
  • Increase hydration by over 19%
  • Increase elasticity by over 5%
  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by over 62%
  • Decrease the appearance of pore size by over 48%
  • Decrease the appearance of redness by over 33%
Papaya Extract
Containing a powerful karatolytic protease enzyme, papaya not only exfoliates the skin, it can penetrate the stratum corneum which means it can facilitate the penetration of other active ingredients. It is also an anti-oxidant and contains Vitamins A, B and C

Pineapple Extract
Containing one of the most effective enzymes, Bromelein that is a protelytic enzyme, pineapples extract has the ability to reduce inflammation of the skin and breakdown enzymes that cause build up. It helps to effectively disintegrate excess surface cells for efficient, non-abrasive exfoliation.

Aloe has exceptional soothing properties but also facilitates the penetration of other active ingredients.

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