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HYDRA Serum Hydra Deluxe 150ml

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Type: Serum


Cream Hydra Deluxe

Youth Revive Essence

Free of paraben, colourants, idodine

 *KLOTHO gene was discovered in 1997, in mice, to extend the lifespan when overexpressed, while it accelerates aging when its expression is disrupted. The name of this longevity gene comes from the Greek goddess Klotho. In Greek mythology, it was Klotho who controlled the lives and destinies of everyone. The Klotho gene codes for a transmembrane protein, the extra-cellular domain of which is shed and secreted. The secreted Klotho protein inhibits the phosphorylation of the IGF1 receptor which leads to the repression of the insulin / IGF-1 pathway. Therefore, Klotho activity results in an activation of FOXO. Activation of FOXO will induce anti-aging activity by stimulating detoxification and DNA-repair genes.

IMPORTANT: SILICON (Si) ≠ SILICONE It may come as a surprise, but silicon and silicone are two very different things. In short, SILICON (Si) is a naturally occurring chemical element (a mineral – good for the skin), whereas SILICONE is a synthetic substance (better for electronics than for beauty industry).

YOUTH EXPERT™ Cream Hydra Deluxe is a rich formulated, luxurious cream dedicated to prestigious skin therapies targeted on deep oxygenation, hydration, remineralisation, regeneration, resilience, reinforcement and renewal – real results. Cream is suitable for daily care for skin of all ages and all types.

Technology SPA ALLURE™ - it is a blend of amazing and novel active ingredients, such as oxygen liposomes, snow algae, SPA DCX™ and other – all to provide a stunning moisturising revival effect for your skin – real results.

SoftFocus™ - it is a unique selection of active ingredients for significant smoothness and flash wrinkle blurring allows for following applications:

  • moisturizing make-up primer (day care)
  • alternative product to lifting cream (intensive night care)
  • “finishing touch” post-lifting treatments in beauty salon where flash effects are desired.

Directions for use
  • Daily skin care for skin of all types and all ages
  • Unisex: for women and men
  • Skin with very deep dehydration
  • Skin trauma caused by overdose of sunbathing
  • Skin with grey colour
  • Sagging skin (lack of skin elasticity and visible wrinkles)
  • Sensitive and fragile skin
  • Skin with acne and itching symptoms
  • Dull skin with grey colour (smokers’ skin)

Efficacy of active ingredients*
  • Activates gene KLOTHO* – the key to skin’s longevity!
  • Revives the skin cells by providing life-sustaining oxygen
  • Restores skin firming and elasticity (stimulates collagen synthesis)
  • Improves skin hydration from the inside out
  • Rejuvenates the skin and improves skin tone and texture
    (reinforces and smoothes the skin, reduces wrinkles)
  • Improves the undulations of Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) and increases its surface to preserve young oval of face
  • Restores lipid barrier of the skin
  • Brings instant relief to the skin burnt by sun or solarium
    (reduces skin trauma post-UV exposure)
  • Reduces discomfort of overdried skin (roughness, itching)
  • Provides vitamins to the skin and cells
  • Restores the balance of silicon** level in the skin
    **Silicon (Si) is a constitutive element of the cutaneous connective tissue which takes a part in the formation and organisation of the extra-cellular matrix (ECM). The natural concentration in silicon decreases with aging and leads to tissue degradation: aged skin and wrinkles.
  • Activates skin’s self-healing mechanisms against UV, pollutions and allergies (supports immune system of the skin that plays one of the main role to treat acne)
  • Provides anti-oxidant efficacy, DNA repair and skin cell detox
  • Gives instant and stunning SPA sensation!

Application area

All skin areas with dehydration: face, front part of neck and décolletage, as well as other skin areas if desired.

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HYDRA Serum Hydra Deluxe 150ml


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