IPL & Laser Consumables Training


Adena IPL Training & Tips
Full Certified Training provided on your premesis for free when you rent/ buy an Adena IPL
Day 1: IPL Basics & Dark Hair Removal
Day 2: Photo Rejuvenation- Vascular, Pigmentation, Acne, Anti-Ageing
Day 3: White & Blonde Hair Removal
If you/ your staff is already experienced IPL operators - Training can be reduced to 2 days.
What makes Adena IPL better than others on the market?
1. International patent- Exclusivity on the elimination of blond and white hair
The white hair does not have melanin and does not absorb the light sent by flash lamp. Eurofeedback has a copyright to the INPI organisation (Intellectual National Propriety Institute) in 2005, a national patent on clear skin hair (white and blond hairs). Definitive publication on the patent n° FR2892012-B1 the 18th of July 2008. Eurofeedback has the same patent, obtained on October 17th 2005 from OMPI (international institute), for a demand of international patent on the hair removal on the clear skins. The patent was published the 26th of April 2007, n° WO2007045793.
2. Anti-ageing applications:
  • Reduce the solar brown spots
  • Reduce red spots and the small vessels
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine wrinkles
  • Unify the tone
  • Improve the texture of the skin
3. Manufactured by French, leading manufacturer in the field of industrial / medical and aesthetic IPL, the specialist of the light pulsed for 17 years.
  • ISO-certified 9001, ISO13485 for medical equipment, holder of 17 patents (certificates).
  • Quality: French conception and manufacturing.
  • Simplicity: pre-programming for a simple and safe use.
  • Efficiency: profit guaranteed on every type of skin (Phototype 1 to 6 according to the model) and for every type of hair (black, blond or
  • white hair). The only technology used the mono and the multi impulses on same IPL.Profitability: fast treatment. Excellent ratio quality/price.
  • Service: IPL with a guarantee of 2 years. Maintenance simple and affordable 
  • Reliability: Patented System of regulation of the energies on all applicators from the first to the last flash
  • A 10% energy variation sent by an applicator has an effect on the quality of the treatment and can provoke some burns. Eurofeedback guarantees a precision of 95% all the life of the applicator with the energy compensation system patented.
  • This regulator guarantees the constant power of flashes in all life time of the applicator.
  • Patent OMPI n°EP1749494 for Europe
  • Safety correspondence to the standards IT current IEC60601.
  • Water cooling.
  • New Special External Water Filter to avoid water contamination which caused trouble with less advanced IPL technologies.
  • Use of a filter with absorption for a broadcast (emission, issue) of secure light.
The optical filter of the handpiece is one of the most important part of an IPL
  • It enables you to filter the right light adapted at each treatment.
  • Most of manufacturers use Dicroic filter which does not filter with efficiency light and creates some burns.
  • EFB beauté has chosen to use absorption filter for a better efficiency and more safety.
  • Handpieces are also equipped with an anti-glare optical duct which has rounded edges for more comfort.
  • The cover rate (Cr) is the main indicator of the power of the machine. It defines the work speed.
  • Of course, it must be given for a guaranteed treatment efficiency.
                                   Cr = S.f
  • The treatment speed is the product of the optical duct surface by the maximum flash frequency (or rate).
  • Most of the good water-cooled machines offer a flash rate of 3 seconds with an optical duct of 5 cm². The cover rate is then CR = 1.6. ( 5/3 ). It is important to know that the treatment speed CR will condition the profitability of the machine, or "filling the till". A machine working twice as fast will indeed treat twice as many patients, and generate twice the turnover. 
Adena Specifications & Technical Data



dark and brown hair


Photo-Rejuvenation and

white hair Photo-Epilation



HR (basic)

SR (optional)

Output energy

10 to 18 J/cm²

5 to 18 J/cm²

Treatment spot size

7.5 cm²

3.75 cm²


610 nm to 1100 nm

475 nm to 1100 nm


1 to 5

1 to 4

Comfort option

«blond hair»


530 nm to 1100 nm

Comfort option

«brown skin»

650 nm to 1100 nm




Maximum rate

up to 1 flash every 3 seconds

Pulse duration

2 to 100 ms

Pulse type

Mono and multi pulse

Preset programs


Lifetime of lamp

30 000 to 60 000 flashes depending on the model

Double filter system

 Absorption optical filter

 Water Filter

Hydraulic cooling system


Electrical requirements

230/115/100 V AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz


50 x 55 x 31 cm


28 kg