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Theravine Limited Edition Daily Defence De-Pollution Trio

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TheraVine™ Daily Defence Trio is your daily dose of protection against DIGITAL and ENVIRONMENTAL pollution


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Activated charcoal 

magically draws micro-particles resulting from pollution to the surface of the skin along with bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt and oil.

It then absorbs those foreign substances and is removed when the skin is rinsed ensuring for a deep cleansing result.


Another significant addition to this non-drying mask is Poretect™, known to refine the skin texture and promote a blurred and satin appearance. With its pore-refining action, it improves the appearance of

pores and gives the skin a rejuvenated texture with an improved light-reflecting youthful glow.

Your every day, any time protective shield against visible and invisible pollution.

The fresh aroma of subtle ocean-like undertones will transport you as you ‘reset’ your day with a quick mid-day boost.

Suitable for all skin types, treat your skin to a continuous source of moisture that refreshes and revitalizes the skin while leaving your skin feeling softer to the touch, more supple and positively glowing after each use. What’s more is each spray of your protective shield provides a natural antibacterial effect and is packed with the only the best pollution-fighting ingredients.


What you need to know:

A light and refreshing anti-pollution setting mist containing Citystem™ to help protect the skin against visible and invisible pollution.


1) Pollution-Fighting Ingredients

2) Film-Forming Shield

3) Fights Dull Complexion

4) Calms Irritation

5) Screen Light Protection

6) Superior Hydrating Components

7) Anti-Bacterial Protection

An innovative light textured lotion containing the powerful active  InfraGuard™, which counteracts pollution attacks and protects  against infrared and blue light. Daily use strengthens the skin’s defences  and helps the skin combat signs of digital aging. All in all, an excellent anti-pollution shield complex for the skin.

What you need to know:

Multi-tasking triple action new generation lotion

• Protection against visible and invisible pollution
• Protect against skin damage caused by blue (digital) and IR light
• Strengthens the skin’s defences
• Provides anti-ageing benefits by protecting the fibroblast and keratinocyte cells whilst providing anti-oxidant protection

Rest assured that with the Anti-Pollution Infra Shield we’ve got you covered against not only urban pollution but also the effects of digital pollution. This multi-tasking triple action new generation lotion is light in texture and contains the powerful active InfraGuard™, designed to fend off and counteract the effect of pollution on the skin while also protecting against both infrared and blue light.

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