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Theravine Professional Firming Body Wrap Gel MASK 1000ml

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Type: Mask


In our ever evolving world of fitness, health and beauty, not a week goes past without a new wonder
treatment being launched on the market, preying on the insecurities of the masses and promising to
make all your seemingly unsightly concerns go away. However, despite this ongoing change, body
wraps as we know them, have grown increasingly popular in recent years with industry experts who
are well-aware of the treatment benefits that bring both physical & emotional benefits to the client by
the boosting of immunity and circulation to improve general vitality. One of our all time favourite
Scientifically tested & proven, with its unique leading technologies and anti-oxidant, free radical fighting
characteristics, TheraVine™'s Body Wrap Rituals are all able to either firm, purify, relax and
recharge while its delicate aromas will transport you into a place of complete harmony.
These ceremonies all invite you to explore the natural vitality built in to each active ingredient. As you
rediscover the source of pure bliss, let your mind drift off whilst you are cocooned in a comforting
envelopment of fragrant oils and scientific ingredients from our therapeutic range, allowing you to truly
embrace beauty and indulge in the pleasure of true relaxation.
What makes TheraVine™’s Firming and Hydrating Body Gel Wrap so magnificent, you wonder?
- Skin comfort is increased as it deeply hydrates the skin
- Skin is left supple, soft and firm
- Skin circulation and tone is drastically improved
- You get an opportunity to break away from your daily stresses & the strains of an emotionally
demanding life to naturally improve well-being and vitality. Need we say more?
What can you expect?
This indulgent treatment commences with a full body exfoliation making use of a botanical rich,
creamy exfoliator containing refined Grapeseeds and Apricot Kernels which gently polish the skin and
in doing so, removes surface impurities and dead skin cells. The texture of the skin is softened and
smoothed leaving it feeling nourished and moisturised and optimally receptive to the application of a
moisturising body oil used in the body massage.
Using a 100% natural, light textured blend of nourishing essential oils increases the skin’s natural
moisture levels and cell-regenerating powers. Indulgent and utterly relaxing, the massage stimulates
circulation and provides a sense-seducing escape from the everyday world. The skin is left feeling
soft, smooth and radiant while the mind, body and spirit achieves a state of equilibrium.
The treatment achieves its wonderful nourishing and firming characteristics from the firming actives
and essential botanicals which are blended into the Firming Body Wrap Gel. With the application of
the mask, the Aloe Ferox, also known to be 20 times the efficacy of the well-known Aloe Vera, and a
potent Firming Complex will leave the skin supple, soft, satin smooth and firmed. Also known as “The
Lily of the Desert", in this treatment, Aloe Ferox brings more than 130 medicinally active compounds to 
your well-being. Allow yourself to drift away as you are cocooned in a thermal blanket, revealing skin
with greater firmness, uniformity of tone and texture.
We end of this indulgence by washing away the decadent wrap medium with the use of an invigorating
bath and shower gel that gives a true sense of freshness with the addition of Peppermint and
In conclusion, your body is lathered in a silky, light textured Cabernet body lotion which helps capture
moisture on the skin and ensures the long lasting effects of this blissful journey.
Standard of excellence
What has sustained TheraVine™ for the past 10 years and will take us through our next decade and
beyond is that we have remained true to the mission that got us here. We are constantly aware that
what truly sets TheraVine™ apart is the fact that we built our company on heart, soul and mission and
these attributes have sustained our growth for the past decade and will continue to be the foundation
of every avenue that the company will embrace.” With this in mind, TheraVine™ continues to base its
growing success on the latest international scientific research and advanced technological active
ingredients which ensure superlative product quality and innovation.
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A refreshing gel based skin firming mask to intensely hydrate and enhance skin tonicity.


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