Minor Skin Irregularities Book

Minor Skin Irregularities Book
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A comprehensive overview (cd-rom), with accompanying reference guide
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Milias
  • Melasma
  • Pimples
  • Keratoses
  • Telangiestasia
  • Fibromas
  • Hemangiomas
  • Keloids
  • Sebaceous Cysts (and more..)
Increase ability to identify many common skin conditions encountered on a daily basis
Augment specialized knowledge base and skills of skin care practitioner
Increase confidence and capabilities in delivering value-added services to clientele
Recognition and Treatment of Minor Skin Irregularities is a comprehensive reference guide, in CD-Rom and textbook format, that gives skin care practitioners a detailed and useful overview of a wide variety of skin conditions they are likely to encounter on a daily basis.

The extensive CD-Rom provides detailed definitions and descriptive characteristics for each skin condition featured, with over 50+ clear, close-up corresponding photos.  Valuable information on skin types and classifications is also included, as well as an overview of related skin analysis tools and effective treatment options. 

The CD-Rom guide is accompanied with a soft cover supporting textbook, which provides further useful text and color pictures.

New Demands Requiring New Skills
As the focus on looking younger and feeling healthier has never been stronger, clients are continually becoming more self-aware and exacting in their pursuit of self-improvement.

In order to meet the growing demand for increasingly sophisticated services, as well as to stay abreast of new developments in technology and in their industry, therapists must ensure that their expertise in their specialized field is sufficient and continually supplemented.

To this end, Recognition and Treatment of Minor Skin Irregularities has been designed as an invaluable support reference for the daily practice of today’s skin care professional.

Recognition and Treatment of Minor Skin Irregularities CD-Rom (Power Point format: 66 slides) + accompanying reference guide (Lam, Pat. Toronto: Numark, 2004), soft cover: 18 pages.

1. What types of conditions are covered in the CD-Rom and reference guide?

Detailed descriptions of a wide range of commonly seen conditions, including milia, seborrheic keratosis, xanthelasma, telangiestasia, hemangiomas, and fibromas

2. What other information is provided?
  • In total, over 70+ clear, close-up color photos of a wide variety of common skin conditions and irregularities
  • Essential overview of skin types and classifications
  • Coverage and explanation of skin analysis tools
  • Information on advancements regarding related effective treatment options
  • Supporting soft reference guide provides further educational text, accompanied by color photos
3. How will the “Recognition and Treatment of Minor Skin Irregularities” CD-Rom and reference guide be useful to me?
  • Serves as an invaluable support reference, aiding therapists to recognize many common skin conditions that they see on a daily basis (many therapists keep the supporting textbook readily accessible in their treatment room)
  • With the public’s demand for more sophisticated, results-oriented services growing, skin care practitioners need to continually add to their knowledge and skill base
  • By increasing their ability to identify and classify many common skin conditions, therapists can more effectively and safely offer their clients more results-oriented services while generating greater recurring value for their business operations (as therapists should only treat individual skin conditions that they can identify and know to be treatable)
Pat Lam

Pat Lam has been a renowned educator in the health and beauty field for more than 25 years. She is an internationally celebrated author and instructor whose cutting-edge, comprehensive textbooks and instructional videos – covering new ground in subjects relating to nutrition, skin care, and anti-aging - are widely used by practitioners and taught in educational institutions around the world.

A notable and frequent contributor to many main-stream trade publications, Pat Lam has published numerous articles on practitioner-focused topics relating to skin care, anti-aging, health, and nutrition. She is also a highly in demand and dynamic public speaker and a well-known lecturer at prominent industry conferences worldwide.

An officially designated and active senior CIDESCO International Examiner, Pat Lam travels extensively around the world to examine esthetics schools located on all continents. She is a CIDESCO Diploma Holder, as well as a former CIDESCO Gold Medal Winner for her work in the field of stress therapy.

Pat Lam is the Vice-President of Skin Care Consultants. She is also the former Vice-Principal of the Lam School of Advanced Esthetics, which, during its 25 year history, was the first and longest-standing CIDESCO accredited advanced esthetics school in North America.

At present, Pat Lam holds the position of Secretary of the Society of Professional Skin Care Specialists – CIDESCO CANADA. Until recently, she also served for a number of years on the Advisory Board for Skin Inc., one of North America’s premier esthetic trade journals.

A certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Pat Lam was the first esthetician in the world to become board certified as an anti-aging health practitioner by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

Pat Lam holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto. A CIDESCO Diplomate, she has additionally completed advanced studies in the field of esthetics in England and France. The United Aesthetics Organization (UAO) of Arizona awarded her with their “Award of Excellence” for upholding their mission of promoting the highest standards of education and professionalism. The esthetics industry’s most prestigious international accreditation association, CIDESCO International, has recognized Pat Lam with one of its most esteemed honours for her contributions to the profession, awarding her a Gold Medal for her work in the domain of stress therapy.
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