SkinLite - Skin Analyser

SkinLite - Skin Analyser
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An unparalleled in-depth view into the skin
Penetrating, in-depth view
10 x magnification
Spider Naevi
In-grown hairs
Permanent make-up
Cholesterol deposits
Penetrating, in-depth view
10 x magnification
Battery operates for 1200 examinations
Compact & Portable
5 year warranty
Essential Modern Tool
The SkinLite is rapidly becoming the essential skin examination tool of preference for a wide range of practitioners, medical and esthetic, who examine and treat the skin on a regular basis.

A remarkably modern and lightweight version of the traditional dermatoscope, the handheld SkinLite enables practitioners to now view into the skin, to a depth of 2mm.

Skin conditions that can be more effectively viewed and analyzed with the SkinLite, including: hyperpigmentation, nevus, spider naevi, telangiectasia, milia, cholesterol deposits, hemangiomas, fibromas, in-grown hairs, permanent make-up, keratoses, and warts.

Sub-Surface View
The SkinLite uses patented cross-polarized light technology to drastically reduce surface reflection from the epidermal layer. This enables a remarkably deeper view into the skin and identification of such criteria as pigment color.

Sub-surface skin structures, previously hidden to the naked eye, now become detectable simply by looking through the SkinLite lens. They are also magnified at 10X for easier viewing.

Easy-to-use, compact, and versatile, the SkinLite is an invaluable instrument for use with treatment devices such as the Lamprobe and CryoProbe instruments, or for general use during all standard skin examinations.
Increases the capability and effectiveness of initial and follow-up skin examinations performed
More accurate examinations lead to increased likelihood of subsequent treatment success
Projects a more professional and advanced image for facility procedures, during preliminary and follow-up examination sessions
Unique Features
1. How does the SkinLite differ from other skin analysis tools?
The SkinLite offers views into the skin to a depth of 2mm, while most other skin analysis tools only magnify the surface of the skin
The SkinLite offers unparalleled views of sub-surface skin conditions that are not visible with a magnifying lamp, a woods lamp, or the naked eye, in addition to also magnifying the image viewed to 10X
Remarkably compact in size and weighing only 3.5 ounces, the SkinLite is extremely portable; the SkinLite can easily be kept daily in a uniform or trouser pocket, for immediate use where and when needed throughout the day
The SkinLite does not require the use of immersion oil, as do traditional dermatascopes

2. What is the difference between the SkinLite and the SkinLite II?
Both devices reveal sub-surface structures of the skin, to a depth of approximately 2 mm
The SkinLite II magnifies a wider, sub-surface view (75mm lens width) of the skin to 2X, while the SkinLite magnifies its much more targeted view of individual skin irregularities to 10X magnification
With its ability to examine significantly larger areas of skin, the SkinLite II is an extraordinarily beneficial skin examination tool that enables practitioners to perform a uniquely thorough, sub-surface examination of a client’s overall skin condition
Prior to specific treatments, however, it is the smaller, SkinLite that becomes essential in assisting skin care professionals further by revealing an astonishing and even more detailed, sub-surface view of an individually targeted skin irregularity or skin structure

3. How is the SkinLite operated?
Very easily
i) Press the wide, flat side button with thumb
ii) Place spacer lens directly onto skin
ii) Look through lens

4. Is the SkinLite portable enough to be easily transported?
Yes, remarkably so
Weighing a mere 3.5 ounces and compact in size, the SkinLite can easily be placed in a jacket or trouser pocket, for immediate use where and when needed

5. What are the SkinLite’s magnification capabilities?
10X magnification
2 mm in-depth view of skin conditions

Protocols/Revenue Generation
6. How will the SkinLite benefit my clinic/office/business?
Increases capability of skin examinations, thereby also supporting the effectiveness of chosen treatment procedures
Immediately projects a more professional and advanced image for facility procedures, during preliminary and follow-up examination sessions
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