Anthelia S-IPL TACTILE with Touch Screen

Anthelia S-IPL TACTILE with Touch Screen
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Anthélia® Tactile model is evolutive with an update function offering the possibility

to easily install new releases of the software interface.

This service ensures that new functions are available for use providing additional

information, such as new protocols or improved functionality.

Updates are simply installed via a USB key (supplied for users via our distributors)

to be inserted in the USB port on the front of the machine.

Anthélia® and all EFB beauté® pulsed

light devices are the only ones on the market

that ensure a constant level of pulsed light

energy throughout the life of their applicators

with the exclusive patented process SRE.

 Rapidity     

Up to 1 flash / second

 Security     

Double optical filter

 Precision     

Continual quality and constant performance

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Anthélia® Tactile model is the latest equipment in the EFB Beauté IPL range.

The convivial touch-screen offers operator-friendly access to all functions.

The system includes an integrated client management software package to facilitate

the realization of treatments and enable immediate analysis of equipment performance.

• 10.4 inch, intuitive, ergonomic, color touch-screen in a 4/3 format

• Choice of language and local time zone

• Real-time reminders of instructions and key actions (e.g. spot test prior to the first flash)

• Permanent indication on the screen of the number of flashes remaining for the hand-piece


• Current date constantly visible on the screen

• Possibility to adapt the theme of the screen (colors/images)

• «Unexpected Events» window to indicate any event code, meaning and advice on action

to be taken

• Choice of treatment on men/women

• Operator and client records enabling:

 Management of multiple operators with tracking of treatment programs realized

 Follow-up of the program sessions realized for each client

 Automatic suggestions of parameters to use as the sessions progress

 Recording of specific comments concerning treatment for any given client

 Statistics and graphs based on the treatment data (number of flashes, type of zone,

zones treated, number of sessions... with breakdown per client and per operator).
 Effective and lasting photo-epilation of dark, blond and white hair

 Very rapid treatment

 Patented SRE system ensuring the stability of energy

 Tested products and proven performance

 Security and performance on all fair, ethnic and dark skins

 Performance of UV filter with patented DSF system

 Gentle, comfortable treatments

 Simple and practical use with pre-select programs

 Straightforward maintenance at low cost

 Equipment approved for CE Medical Device marking conform to the EEC Directive 93/42/EEC.

 In conformity with European and Canadian electrical safety regulation

 French manufacturer certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards

 Innovative technology with 17 patents
Jo Thomas - Radiance Skin and Day Spa 
Thank you Ilse for your amazing service, your knowledge and understanding of the Anthelia makes me feel confident that I have chosen the right IPL machine from the right company. I have used other IPL machines in the past but the results do not come close to what I have achieved with the Anthelia, it is fast and effective. Your ongoing support and training allows me to feel confident knowing I will always keep up with the latest protocols. I am so glad I brought the Anthelia IPL machine the revenue it gives to my business is brilliant, the treatments have been so successful I have barely had to advertise as word of mouth has got the town talking of this brilliant service we provide.
I cannot thank you enough.

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