Adena FRENCH Patented IPL for white/ blonde hair treatment

Adena FRENCH Patented IPL for white/ blonde hair treatment
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With the unique and exclusive patented technology, Adena lamps can offer not only the permanent depilation of dark hair, but also of white, blonde, red and grey hair.

The light is absorbed by the melanin (in the case of long-term depilation) or by the haemoglobin (in the case of photorejuvenation).
Transformed into heat, the light – depending on the temperature achieved – can either stimulate collagen production or, at higher temperatures, provoke the coagulation of proteins for depilation or applications for reducing redness/rosacea.

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What is ADENA?
The usual procedure for photodepilation of dark hair is not sufficient for white or blonde hair, due to the fact that these absorb almost no light. A different procedure was therefore developed and clinically tested by ADeNA Manufacturers in France in 2004 before being patented in 2005. This patent-protected procedure is exclusively reserved for users of ADeNA machines.
Why do we pulse the light? Two reasons:
  • In order to obtain a real white light (spectrum adapted to the target before filtering), it is necessary to handle current levels of several hundreds of amperes in the tube ; the instantaneous powers are too high for a continuous operation.
  • The second reason is linked to the required energy levels to get a good therapeutic result. To generate such energy levels, it is mandatory to stock this energy in a tank during the charging time, and then to send it by the means of the intense-light flash. A pulse mode operation is the best solution to reduce the volume and the weight of such machines.

Note: It is interesting to know that the emission spectrum of the tube depends on the plasma temperature in the tube, and then on the current in the tube. It is therefore possible to adapt the tube’s emission spectrum to the target, by choosing the right current in the tube. The operator, when he selects the treatment configurations, chooses at the same time a light spectrum well adapted to the target.
Is there any clinical evidence that the Adena SPL can really treat white hair effectively?
Independant Clinical Studies by Dermscan France
The study was carried out on 14 healthy subjects, aged from 23 to 76 years (average age: 50 years), presenting blonde or white hairs. All presented precise inclusion and non inclusion criteria.
The results will astound you and these clinical trials will conclude the following:
Study of the density variation of light hairs (white and blonde) and dark hairs by images acquisition with videomicroscope Hirox® and analysis using Photoshop CS3® software. Analysis of the subjects' answers to a subjective evaluation questionnaire.

Under these study conditions, the photo-depilation process:
has significantly decreased the hairs density as well on the dark hairs (-75% after 4 sessions) as on the light hairs (-51% of white hairs and -27% of blonde hairs after one session). was appreciated by the subjects for its effectiveness (71%) and the absence of unpleasant feelings during the sessions (43%).

EFB Beaute Pulsed light treatments(copy)
  • Long term hair removal on black, blonde and white hair (4 sessions on average)
  • Secure and efficient on phototype 1 to 5
  • Virtually Painless treatment
  • Simple and convenient use
  • Reduced maintenance
  • 4 types of treatment for a single machine
  • Hair removal applicator of 7.5 cm² for a large surface of treatment
  • Easy replacement of the applicator
  • Compact and mobile machine
  • Device manufactured under ISO 13485 organization
Warranty and Service
2 year warranty, parts and labour on-site (excluding consumables)
Qualified Technicians and spare parts and loan units available in New Zealand.
The ADENA patent on photodepilation of white hair
The usual procedure for photodepilation of dark hair is not sufficient for white or blond hair, due to the fact that these absorb almost no light.
A different procedure was therefore developed and clinically tested by ADENA in 2004 before being patented (*) in 2005.
Gradual, long-term depilation
A solution that offers personalised treatment on all areas of the face and body, even ingrown hairs.
With its safe red filter, only the hair is affected for the duration of the flash. The procedure is painless.
Quick, precise treatment of all areas using a large quartz (7.5 cm²) and treatment speed of 1 flash every 2 seconds.
Pre-programmed treatments, patented and CE-certified machine.
A simple and ergonomic keyboard that enables possibilities without error, select the appropriate treatment.
A high-performance, non-surgical treatment
With its safe yellow filter, the light beam acts on the epidermis and upper layer of the dermis.
Pigmentation patches:
Eliminates superficial patches and evens out pigmentation.
Collagen remodelling:
Stimulates collagen production, giving the skin back its elasticity and suppleness.
The selective photo-coagulation of thread veins brings about their contraction and natural elimination. 
Adena IPL Training & Tips
Full Certified Training provided on your premesis for free when you rent/ buy an Adena IPL
Day 1: IPL Basics & Dark Hair Removal
Day 2: Photo Rejuvenation- Vascular, Pigmentation, Acne, Anti-Ageing
Day 3: White & Blonde Hair Removal
If you/ your staff is already experienced IPL operators - Training can be reduced to 2 days.
What makes Adena IPL better than others on the market?
1. International patent- Exclusivity on the elimination of blond and white hair
The white hair does not have melanin and does not absorb the light sent by flash lamp. Eurofeedback has a copyright to the INPI organisation (Intellectual National Propriety Institute) in 2005, a national patent on clear skin hair (white and blond hairs). Definitive publication on the patent n° FR2892012-B1 the 18th of July 2008. Eurofeedback has the same patent, obtained on October 17th 2005 from OMPI (international institute), for a demand of international patent on the hair removal on the clear skins. The patent was published the 26th of April 2007, n° WO2007045793.
2. Anti-ageing applications:
  • Reduce the solar brown spots
  • Reduce red spots and the small vessels
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine wrinkles
  • Unify the tone
  • Improve the texture of the skin
3. Manufactured by French, leading manufacturer in the field of industrial / medical and aesthetic IPL, the specialist of the light pulsed for 17 years.
  • ISO-certified 9001, ISO13485 for medical equipment, holder of 17 patents (certificates).
  • Quality: French conception and manufacturing.
  • Simplicity: pre-programming for a simple and safe use.
  • Efficiency: profit guaranteed on every type of skin (Phototype 1 to 6 according to the model) and for every type of hair (black, blond or
  • white hair). The only technology used the mono and the multi impulses on same IPL.Profitability: fast treatment. Excellent ratio quality/price.
  • Service: IPL with a guarantee of 2 years. Maintenance simple and affordable 
  • Reliability: Patented System of regulation of the energies on all applicators from the first to the last flash
  • A 10% energy variation sent by an applicator has an effect on the quality of the treatment and can provoke some burns. Eurofeedback guarantees a precision of 95% all the life of the applicator with the energy compensation system patented.
  • This regulator guarantees the constant power of flashes in all life time of the applicator.
  • Patent OMPI n°EP1749494 for Europe
  • Safety correspondence to the standards IT current IEC60601.
  • Water cooling.
  • New Special External Water Filter to avoid water contamination which caused trouble with less advanced IPL technologies.
  • Use of a filter with absorption for a broadcast (emission, issue) of secure light.
The optical filter of the handpiece is one of the most important part of an IPL
  • It enables you to filter the right light adapted at each treatment.
  • Most of manufacturers use Dicroic filter which does not filter with efficiency light and creates some burns.
  • EFB beauté has chosen to use absorption filter for a better efficiency and more safety.
  • Handpieces are also equipped with an anti-glare optical duct which has rounded edges for more comfort.
  • The cover rate (Cr) is the main indicator of the power of the machine. It defines the work speed.
  • Of course, it must be given for a guaranteed treatment efficiency.
                                   Cr = S.f
  • The treatment speed is the product of the optical duct surface by the maximum flash frequency (or rate).
  • Most of the good water-cooled machines offer a flash rate of 3 seconds with an optical duct of 5 cm². The cover rate is then CR = 1.6. ( 5/3 ). It is important to know that the treatment speed CR will condition the profitability of the machine, or "filling the till". A machine working twice as fast will indeed treat twice as many patients, and generate twice the turnover. 
Adena Specifications & Technical Data



dark and brown hair


Photo-Rejuvenation and

white hair Photo-Epilation



HR (basic)

SR (optional)

Output energy

10 to 18 J/cm²

5 to 18 J/cm²

Treatment spot size

7.5 cm²

3.75 cm²


610 nm to 1100 nm

475 nm to 1100 nm


1 to 5

1 to 4

Comfort option

«blond hair»


530 nm to 1100 nm

Comfort option

«brown skin»

650 nm to 1100 nm




Maximum rate

up to 1 flash every 3 seconds

Pulse duration

2 to 100 ms

Pulse type

Mono and multi pulse

Preset programs


Lifetime of lamp

30 000 to 60 000 flashes depending on the model

Double filter system

 Absorption optical filter

 Water Filter

Hydraulic cooling system


Electrical requirements

230/115/100 V AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz


50 x 55 x 31 cm


28 kg

Adena IPL Before and After
photorajeunissement avant(copy)(copy) photorajeunissement apres(copy)
poil blanc teint avant(copy) poil blanc teint apres(copy)
acne avant(copy) acne apres(copy)
depilation avant2(copy) depilation apres1(copy)
After - 3 weeks later
photorejuv-before(copy) photorejuv-after(copy)
Pigmentation before(copy) Pigmentation after(copy)

The Adena SPL offer the beauty industry a truly unique pulsed light machine manufactured by the worlds renowned Intense Pulsed Light specialists. Eurofeedback offering the advantages of this unique and exclusive patented technology, the beauté® flash lamps are able to ensure the lasting photo-epilation not only of dark hair, but also of blonde, red, grey and white hair, and treatment of dark skin types.

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