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Faradic & Microcurrent
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The earth’s gravity causes the skin to sag over time. Clogging up of lymph also causes the weakening of facial muscles. Behavioural expressions and general lack of use of all facial muscles also causes some muscles to have low tone. All these are main factors that causes the skin on the face to sag.

Muscle is covered by skin; loose skin must be a result of muscle loosing tension, therefore to improve your skin's condition, you must work from the roots and not just the surface, therefore tone the muscle as well as the skin.

By using a particular frequency, delivering and penetrating muscle tissues, livening tissues and balancing muscle tone. Leaving the muscle to return to its primitive condition. Furthermore, benefit is also to the lymph induction from the cheek to the shoulder.

Wrinkles are determined by the conditions of collagen in dermis instead of facial muscle. Collagen can stretch and shrink skin, increase skin health and also causes wounds to heal up.

When we have healthy, supple and well organised collagen fibres, skin hydration is maintained better. If collagen organization is in weak condition, it will lead to hydration loss, leading to loss in elasticity, which then results in wrinkles.

Using bio-electrical currents to stimulate muscle, we help speed up circulation and strengthen capillaries, meaning more effective delivery of nutrients to the cells and better removal of waist and toxins.

Meanwhile, through ionized penetration, bioelectrical currents get water, water-soluble skincare ingredients, etc. directly into collagen cortex in order for it to repair and restore. Therefore helping to minimise wrinkles on the face.
  • Help increase lymph metabolism.
  • Increase muscle activity.
  • Stimulate clogged wastes by Bio-Currents, enabling the acceleration of the lymph system and also exercising facial muscles.
  • Assist in improving skin texture and condition.

Can adjust all settings separately - frequency, intensity, speed etc.

  • Adhesive Conductive pad 30 Pairs
  • Line 6 pieces
  • Double Bar Probes 1 set
  • Roller Probes 2 sets
  • Round probes 2 sets
  • Comprehensive training manual with treatment protocols
The treatments offered are exclusively aesthetic and the equipment has, under no circumstances, to be used in therapeutic treatment.

The Faradic & Microcurrent device is only intended for use in beauty centres. It is designed to treat:
  • Muscular atony
  • Skin atony
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Water retention and edemas
  • Imperfections linked to fibrous and edematous cellulite
  • Localised adiposis
  • Cutaneous marks linked to ageing
Electrostimulation is a technique by means of which it is possible to cause the passage of current through the body, normally destined to excite and make muscles contract (eccitomotoria electrostimulation) thus affecting training capacity.
From the start of civilisation, among its main objectives man has had the wellbeing and health of his body. Electricity has always been considered a possible aid to reaching the objective of health and evidence regarding the use of electric current for these purposes since the Egyptian civilisation, where the representations of an electric fish lead to believe that these people knew about electricity. Since then greater traces of the use of the properties of electricity, from the Romans to 1700 have been found, and only from the end of this century did the first scientific works of Galvani and Volta begin. In the first ten years of 1800 the possibility of stimulating a muscle without cutting the skin was discovered, but by using electrodes for stimulation via the skin. From this time there were many studies, in-depth research and to applications on the human body in order to stimulate muscles, until today where electric current is used to strengthen muscles for functional recovery, for analgesic therapy, vascular therapy and aesthetic purposes.
How does an electrostimulator work?
To understand functioning of the electrostimulator we must refer to the human body and in particular the muscular motor system. The muscle is a complex system and marvellously perfect; its main characteristic is that of shortening, creating consequent work on the articular surface to which it refers. In order to shorten, the muscle requires an appropriate current which, generated at the level of the CNS (central nervous system), passes the motor nerve path to reach the muscle motor neurone, the last receptor of the nervous electric signal. At the level of the muscle, therefore locally, find the motor end plate or neuromotor plate that transforms the electric signal into a chemical signal and is the only point that can be electrically stimulated from the outside, as along the path of the signal motory nerve path, the fibres are covered by the myalin sheath, which protects from the signal itself. An electrostimulator has the purpose of transmitting a current signal to the motor end plate, modulated in a way that it can be recognised by the plate itself and from here generate the relevant muscle shortening.

Therefore, electrostimulation produces the contraction of the muscle using small electric impulses in the same way that they take place naturally in the human body. The elctrostimulator sends impulses to the muscle through the self-adhesive electrodes, which are positioned on the body in correspondence with the area to be stimulated. The stimulation programs automatically regulate and control the alternating contraction and rest phases that strengthen the muscles. The Faradic & Microcurrent Device unit performs electrostimulation treatments using specific waves that are especially selected and modulated to obtain maximum muscle stimulation and to make the treatment extremely pleasant. In particular, it uses two-phase square waves, with different frequencies, intensity, depth, work and pause times according to the specific programs, which can produce different physiological responses, such as: improvement of capillary microcirculation, mobilisation of fates, toning of the tissues, draining of liquids, an increase of the metabolism and cellular activities, reduction of fat of the localised deposits and cellulite.
At the end of electrostimulation treatments using fixed electrodes (or also as a replacement for customers who are particularly sensitive to currents), Faradic & Microcurrent Device can realise particular mio lifting treatments using specific probes with rollers or antennas. It is stimulation using continuous square wave that can excite not only the muscles but also the epithelial tissues, guaranteeing an important trophic effect and general well-being. The action of the microimpulses associated to the mechanical massage exerted by the passage of the probes can produce important results, such as remodelling of the facial and neck tissues, lifting of the cheek bones, the attenuation of perilabial wrinkles, the distension of wrinkles.

In particular, the antennas are suitable to act on wrinkles and on small facial muscles, while the rollers are used to stimulate neck and decollete muscles, as well as being used for modelling and toning treatments on gluteus, abdomen and inner thigh.
Facial and body lymphatic draining
The objective is that of eliminating toxins, the accumulation of catabolics in the tissues, to favour greater peripheral vascolarisation, to increase deep oxygenisation and to promote the intake of nutrients to the cells.
This program allows the splitting of fats into fatty acids and glycerol. This program "mechanically" stimulates the muscles with very fast contractions and decontractions, so that a greater capillarisation with consequent increased local heat in order to increase cellular metabolism and trigger natural lipolysis.
Treatment of fibrous cellulite:
Synergy of microimpulses studied to attack the micronodules present in the tissue, to favour the blood circulation and localised elimination of waste, improve the aspect of the skin on sight and to the touch. (fibrous tissue, density, hardness, sufferance, pain, mattress skin).
Treatment of edematous cellulite:
Sequential work of modulated waves, in order to improve the moisture content of the tissue, oxygenisation and to re-educate localised microcirculation to a greater cellular osmotic exchange. Ideal in the cases of cellulite associated with water retention and swelling.
Using bioimpulses the contraction of those muscles that are underdeveloped and untoned is stimulated. Treatment indicated for subjects that have a sedentary lifestyle or that do not perform physical activity.
Muscle strengthening:
Treatment appropriate for muscle definition. Indicated for subjects that have reached a good level of toning with sports activities and with the toning program.
Facial toning
Program ideal in the case of atonic skins to give back tone and support to the face, actively stimulating the facial muscles.
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