Salon Bright Kit

Salon Bright Kit
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Product Description
Salon Bright is a safe, effective and affordable take home teeth whitening system developed here in New Zealand by a group of dental professionals and designed specifically for the beauty industry.
The Salon Bright teeth whitening system consists of a one piece self impression tray with food grade silicone inserts for a perfect impression of your teeth.
Also included are four tubes of 20% carbamide whitening gel (which is equal to about 6.6% Hydrogen Peroxide and it complies with New Zealand Ministry of Health Standards of <7% Hydrogen Peroxide). There is enough whitening gel in the Salon Bright kit for twelve 45-minute treatments.
Many happy clients notice a difference after just one treatment and are very happy with the results after only 3 treatments.


1.Take the mouth piece supplied and gently bite into the soft impression pads. (Do NOT use hot water)

2. Take a tube of whitening gel, remove the white tip and replace with a green tip (supplied). Gently squeeze small drop of gel into the area in the tray where the front of your tooth will sit when the tray is in your mouth. Each tube contains 3ml of gel, you should only use 1ml per treatment including upper and lower.

3. Keep the mouth piece in your mouth for 45 minutes. Continue to swallow as you normally would. You may do light activities while using the Salon Bright Teeth Whitening System such as cooking, watching TV etc.

4. After 45 minutes remove the mouth piece and rinse with cold water and brush your teeth then store your kit in a cool dry area for your next treatment. Do not leave in a heated room.

5. Repeat the treatment for 45 minutes per day for up to 12 consecutive days or until you have achieved your desired results.

- If irritation develops, discontinue use. If irritation continues, consult a dentist 
- Use for longer than 14 days is not recommended except under the supervision of a dentist
- Not recommended for use on children under 16 years of age 
- Avoid swallowing 
- Avoid direct contact of the product with gums or eyes 
Salon Bright's home teeth whitening system will provide you with the brighter and whiter smile you deserve.
Salon Bright is the result of five years in depth research by dentists and dental laboratory technicians into teeth whitening technology.
Salon Bright is the most cost effective system on the market and best of all you can see amazing, long-lasting results in just days.
Salon Bright's effectiveness is guaranteed by its specially formulated 20% carbamide gel ( which is equal to about 6.6% Hydrogen Peroxide and it complies with New Zealand Ministry of Health Standards of <7% Hydrogen Peroxide) and will provide you with a totally pain free experience.
The Salon Bright Teeth Whitening System is a take-home teeth whitening kit designed by dentists for simple and safe home use. The kit consists of four 3ml tubes of food grade 20% dental carbamide peroxide and a custom-designed impression trays system that has built-in silicone inserts for a precision impression every time.

The Salon Bright tray system is a non-boil and bite tray making the whole whitening process so much easier to use.
There is enough whitening gel in the Salon Bright kit for twelve 45-minutes treatments. Many happy clients notice a difference after just one treatment and are very happy with the results after only 3 treatments.
Salon Bright is a safe, effective and affordable take home teeth whitening system developed here in New Zealand by a group of dental professionals and designed specifically for the beauty industry.
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Easy application steps:
  1. Please read the Salon Bright instruction booklet. Once you have done this, look in the mirror and gently bite into the silicone bite pad that sits in the mouth tray, this will take an accurate impressions of your teeth, after a few seconds gently remove the mouth tray.
  2. If the silicone bite pad comes out of the tray, or for any reason you would like to re-try your impression, simply mould the silicone pad back into the tray with your thumbs and re-do the impression (Step 1).
  3. When you are happy with your impression, take a tube of gel, unscrew the white cap, then screw in the green tip at the end of the syringe, gently push a small drop of gel into the front of each tooth compartment of the tray, (no more than the size of a match head), once you have completed the application unscrew the green tip, and replace with the white cap, to keep airtight.
  4. Once you have put a small drop of gel into the upper and lower impression tray, gently insert the tray into your mouth. The full processing time for each application is 45 minutes, while you are whitening your teeth you may watch TV, read, cook etc.
  5. It is more important to continue to swallow whilst you have the tray inserted in your mouth. If you do not swallow, you will get a buildup of saliva, which will cause you to dribble. (Not pretty)
  6. After 45 minutes take the tray out of your mouth and brush your teeth with toothpaste, rinse the tray under a cold tap to wash the remaining gel from the tray. Do not use hot water or scrub the tray, as this will damage the silicone.
  7. You can repeat this treatment every night or every second night. There is enough product in each kit for twelve applications, each tube contains 3 ml of product, the correct amount for one application is 1 ml.
  8. You may feel a slight bubbling sensation white whitening, this is normal. Over the first two or three days you may notice a slight patchiness on your teeth, this is also part of the whitening process and will even out after 3 days.
We know you will enjoy your Salon Bright whitening experience, and we know you will love the results, a salon bright smile is your greatest asset.

If you have any questions regarding the whitening process please feel free to call our friendly team for advice on 0800 232 900, or if you would like advice direct from one of our registered dentists on the salon bright dental support team, you can email

Make it a great day and thank you for using Salon Bright


What the Dental Professionals Have to Say about Salon Bright           
Dr Vernon Kruger
I have tested this product and am impressed with the results. The system is incredibly easy to use and to date, wonderful results have been noticed, with no side effects such as sensitivity or gum irritation. I have no financial benefits associated with this product and recommend it with confidence. This really brings teeth whitening to the public at an affordable price. Well done Salon Bright!

Dr Vernon Kruger BDS
New Zealand
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Dr Sachin Sood
I have been closely involved in the trials of the Salon Bright Teeth Whitening System and have been very impressed with the results this product has produced. I would certainly recommend the Salon Bright Teeth Whitening System to any of my patients. This product not only works very well but has been made very affordable to the end user. I personally think that Salon Bright will revolutionize the teeth whitening industry.

Dr. Sachin Sood
B.D.S., B.Sc, D.Phm
Dental Surgeon
City Smile Centre
Allan Nicholson

I have had a personal hands-on roll in the development of the Salon Bright Teeth Whitening System, working as a Dental Laboratory Technician. For the last ten years I have been involved in the development of many teeth whitening products and have found Salon Bright to be one of the most safe, effective and professional teeth whitening systems on the market and a very affordable product. I have personally used the Salon Bright system myself and have also recommended Salon Bright to my own friends and family.

Allan Nicholson
Laboratory Specialist
sb- allan
Is teeth whitening safe for everyone?

No, nursing or pregnant women should not undergo any type of teeth whitening treatment. People with major dental issues should also not undergo teeth whitening treatment.

How long will the results last for?

After in-depth research by dentists using professional dental whitening products, it is recommended that if you wish to maintain your bright white smile, any dental whitening treatment should be repeated every 6 to 12 months. Although some people selling teeth whitening products will lead you to believe your results will last years, this has been found to be not true in most cases.


Will teeth whitening work on crowns, Veneers, fillings, and dentures etc?

Unfortunately no, teeth whitening will not whiten non-natural teeth; however, the Salon Bright teeth whitening treatment will help to restore your non-natural teeth back to their original shades.

Can I drink coffee, red wine etc after whitening?

We strongly advise that you do not drink coffee, red wine or any other substance that may cause staining of your teeth for at least 12 hours after whitening treatment in order to achieve maximum results.

Will teeth whitening treatment hurt at all?

Any teeth whitening procedure may cause slight sensitivity after treatment. If this does occur it will soon subside and certainly does not affect everyone.

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth or gums?

Salon Bright’s safe formulation of carbamide peroxide is non-acidic and breaks down into oxygen and water to ensure safe penetration of the tooth enamel to find stains and oxidize them clear. Salon Bright ensures a precise dosage level of peroxide combined with a unique formulation of products to prevent gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

Is Salon Bright supported by dentists?

Yes, Salon Bright is the direct result of a group of dental professionals, both dental laboratory technicians and dentists who have come together to create a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment. Salon Bright is endorsed by dentists, used by dentists, and developed by dentists and dental laboratory technicians. Visit for more information.

Is Salon Bright teeth whitening affordable?


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