Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution

Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution
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By Pat Lam
All professional skin treatment therapists recognise the importance of the role correct nutrition plays in the successful treatment of many skin conditions, and many have a wide number of texts to refer to on this subject in their clinics. However few are written by an individual with the intimate knowledge of the relationship between treating the skin and its nutritional requirements.

Author Pat Lam has been an educator in the beauty industry for over 25 years, and is a CIDESCO examiner and vice principal of one of Canadas largest and most respected advanced aesthetics schools. Pat also holds a Bachelor of Science Honors degree from the University of Toronto.
With these credentials, Pat has written a book that provides easy to understand; practical and detailed information that will be well received by estheticians and beauty therapists at all levels.

Because the skin treatment therapist will often provide nutritional advice when prescribing treatments to their clients, it is always beneficial to be able to refer clients to a book or text they should read. Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution is such a book.

The 360-page book is a goldmine of information covering everything from the basics of nutrition, through diet planning, glycemic index, skin sensitivities, weight management and the effects of cultural and ethnic foods.
Pages of easy to read charts, reference tables and diagrams along with comprehensive chapters on Macronutrients, Dietary supplements, Nutritional support for skin & body conditions, Anti-ageing, Free-radicals and preventative health care make Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution a welcome addition to the resources available to the beauty and skin treatment therapist.
Provides the skin care practitioner with a comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to the basics of nutrition, to fully and holistically support client skin and body care

Supplies useful dietary and nutritional planning support, including easy-to-use reference charts, specifically designed to assist in client assessment and counselling

Offers specific preventative care guidelines and strategies for a wide range of clients’ aging-related problems
Pat Lam has been a renowned educator in the health and beauty field for more than 25 years. She is an internationally celebrated author and instructor whose cutting-edge, comprehensive textbooks and instructional videos – covering new ground in subjects relating to nutrition, skin care, and anti-aging - are widely used by practitioners and taught in educational institutions around the world.

A notable and frequent contributor to many main-stream trade publications, Pat Lam has published numerous articles on practitioner-focused topics relating to skin care, anti-aging, health, and nutrition. She is also a highly in demand and dynamic public speaker and a well-known lecturer at prominent industry conferences worldwide.

An officially designated and active senior CIDESCO International Examiner, Pat Lam travels extensively around the world to examine esthetics schools located on all continents. She is CIDESCO Diploma Holder, as well as a former CIDESCO Gold Medal Winner for her work in the field of stress therapy.

Pat Lam is the Vice-President of Skin Care Consultants. She is also the former Vice-Principal of the Lam School of Advanced Esthetics, which, during its 25 year history, was the first and longest-standing CIDESCO accredited advanced esthetics school in North America.

At present, Pat Lam holds the position of Secretary of the Society of Professional Skin Care Specialists – CIDESCO CANADA. Until recently, she also served for a number of years on the Advisory Board for Skin Inc., one of North America’s premier esthetic trade journals.

A certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Pat Lam was the first esthetician in the world to become board certified as an anti-aging health practitioner by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

Pat Lam holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto. A CIDESCO Diplomate, she has additionally completed advanced studies in the field of esthetics in England and France. The United Aesthetics Organization (UAO) of Arizona awarded her with their “Award of Excellence” for upholding their mission of promoting the highest standards of education and professionalism. The esthetics industry’s most prestigious international accreditation association, CIDESCO International, has recognized Pat Lam with one of its most esteemed honours for her contributions to the profession, awarding her a Gold Medal for her work in the domain of stress therapy.
What type of information does this textbook provide?
  • Comprehensive overview of nutrition as a science, including essential concepts, terminology, and roles played by key macronutrient groups (comprising enzymes, proteins, fats, and vitamins) and their numerous, complex sub-groups
  • Dietary and nutritional planning support information for varied skin and body conditions, as well as for pre/post- surgery counseling
  • Stress and weight management, including the impact of free radicals on health
  • Physical fitness guidelines, including related terminology and body type assessment
  • The glycemic index, food labels, cultural foods, and much more also covered - extremely extensive!
Why should skin care practitioners learn more about nutrition and preventative health care?
  • Better results for clients are achieved by treating the whole individual – internally and externally
  • Modern research continues to reveal new information on the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on the aging process
  • The esthetic and medical fields, working more closely together than ever before, have therefore begun to undertake a more holistic approach towards skin care as a whole
  • In order to effectively assess and address clients’ skin care needs, nutritional guidance is thus fast becoming a new and essential responsibility for the modern skin care therapist
Who would benefit from reading Nutrition: The Healthy Aging Solution?
  • Anyone interested in learning more in the area of nutrition, wellness, holistic care, and healthy aging
  • Particularly useful for skin care professionals and health care practitioners, including estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic chemists, and industry marketing managers
  • Basics of Nutrition
  • Macronutrients
  • Dietary Planning Support
  • Nutritional Support for Skin Conditions
  • Women’s Nutritional Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Anti-Aging and Nutrition
  • Food Labels
  • Physical Fitness (and more..)
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