Professional Teeth Whitening Brite Light LED- Cosmetic Bright

Professional Teeth Whitening Brite Light LED- Cosmetic Bright
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Teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures if done right.
Doing it right means using a proper whitening agent and an appropriate whitening accelerator. The most practical accelerator is an LED lamp emitting cold blue light with a wavelength of around 465 nanometers. This wavelength of light is ideal for activating the hydrogen peroxide and accelerating the whitening process.

Single use disposable mouth tray - for maximum hygiene.
One size fits all - soft silicon tray with bi-focal window to target top and bottom teeth equally.
Perfect for activation with any brand or type of Blue LED or UV light.
Application / treatment time 15-20 min. For best results - recommended 2 back to back sessions.
Hydrogen Peroxide is a fairly common product, and has been used by people for years as a disinfectant/antiseptic, especially in the case of cuts and small wounds. Chemically, you might be surprised that Hydrogen Peroxide is fairly close to water. In fact, it's simply water with an extra oxygen molecule (water is H2O, Hydrogen Peroxide is H202)
Hydrogen Peroxide is the best agent used for professional teeth whitening. It is a bleaching agent, and when activated with cold blue light the results are very good.
There are certain side effects that will affect some (but not all) users. The main side effects are tooth sensitivity and/or gum irritation.
Professional training is needed before using this product
  • Brite Light
  • 5x Teeth whitening strips
  • Shade guide
  • Goggles
  • Manual

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Taking care of your greatest asset!


Can you say "cheese” with ease?

Would you like the smile of a movie star?

A fantastic smile is one of the first things we notice about each other. How you feel about your teeth affects the way you smile! Other people may judge your personality, health and sexuality by your pearly whites and the way you smile. How comfortable are you to smile and be proud of nice white shiny teeth, or would you rather smile with your lips or even your hand covering your mouth? Why your pearly whites are not so pearly and white anymore?

Lifestyle factors and not so good hygiene:
We all are exposed to staining substances on a daily basis, things like red wine, caffeine and tobacco can further increase staining that naturally occurs with living. Do you sometimes run your tongue over "furry” feeling teeth – this is plaque build up on your teeth, full of bacteria, toxins and food particles. Regular visits to your dentist and a good hygiene regime at home, could certainly help keeps these nasty’s at bay.

Internal staining:
Sometimes however the staining can be inside the tooth itself and this becomes more complicated to treat. Even though enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies, it is porous. Certain foods like coke, red wine, curry, wine and smoking could cause discoloration. Other things that cause internal discoloration are certain medications and even genetics. How to reclaim your pearly whites!
The great news is that there are many solutions
  • Expensive options

Porcelain veneers, composite bonding (Price : $1000 +)
Dentist laser whitening is an effective and relatively quick process. The downside is that the majority of people find the process quite uncomfortable and are then regularly left with tooth or gum pain or sensitivity. (Prices vary from $700- $1200+)

  • More affordable options 

Becoming increasingly popular are home treatment kits, toothpastes and mouth rinses. These are only effective to a certain extent as they have lower concentrations of bleaching agents, and take longer to get the desired results. Most people therefore find that the novelty wears off relatively quickly, even before real results are visible. (Prices vary from $50-$500)

The best news is that you can now have the best of both worlds! You can now have white shining teeth, without the pain, sensitivity, hassle, mess, time and save yourself a lot of money. You can now get your teeth professionally whitened for a third of the cost of that of a dentist, but with similar results.

It is easy, effective and affordable!

It is Cosmetic Bright Professional Teeth whitening.

Don’t be fooled with other professional teeth whitening products on the market trying to follow Cosmetic Bright. Cosmetic Bright is the most effective and easiest teeth whitening system on the New Zealand market. A session only takes 20 minutes. There are no extras you need to buy or no hidden costs after your first treatment. All costs are included with your kit, even your first top up sessions.

Thousands of New Zealanders as well as people across the world have experienced the satisfying results after a Cosmetic Bright Professional teeth whitening treatment. Many who have tried other methods before, now swear that Cosmetic Bright is the way to go.

Have pearly white teeth without visiting the dentist or wasting money on messy take home kits.
20 reasons to offer cosmetic bright to your clients:
  1. Affordable to clients - under a third cost of dental laser whitening.
  2. Convenient - time saving - combine two or more treatments in one appointment slot.
  3. Professional & instant results that last!
  4. Fantastic gift idea - attracting new clients.
  5. Can be sold as part of a makeover package.
  6. Keeps customers coming back!
  7. Easy treatment to do with low contra-indications
  8. Does not replace an existing product line - a brand new stream of income for your business.
  9. Small outlay - high returns on investment.
  10. Totally safe - FDA & European Union approved - thoroughly trialed & tested.
  11. Recommended as the most effective way to whiten teeth by American Dental Foundation.
  12. Everybody wants whiter teeth & a nice smile.
  13. Up for an award in Europe - taking salons by storm internationally.
  14. Extensive research & development.
  15. Precisely engineered & guaranteed to last for 100,000 light hours!
  16. Easy to use - set & forget - can be done by trainees.
  17. Will attract new customers as a point of difference via word of mouth.
  18. Cutting edge technology - the way of the future for teeth whitening treatments.
  19. Advertising & full support from Youth Beauty.
  20. Finance available for initial purchase of machine.
Britelite Whitening unit
Cosmetic Bright delivers professional results, is easy to use with the added bonus of great margins to the retailer and the added benefit that the customer returns a number of times to use the Brite Light Unit.
  • Market breakthrough years of research & was developed by a dentist
  • Is up for an award in Europe
  • 100,000 hours light life (will out live all of us)
  • Full 1 year replacement warranty
  • After this a loan machine is given whilst repairs are undertaken
  • Flexible arm to allow unit to be used at different angles
  • Spring-load stand to allow it to be raised or lowered
  • Wheels for portability
  • Extremely simple, switch on and machine stops automatically after 20minutes
  • Low staff time can utilise junior or trainee staff to set-up client
  • Compact & portable
  • Has full EU & FDA approval
  • Patented balance of UV light & heat has 4 UV lights & 3 LED lights
  • Emits UVA light only which is the safer form of UV light (UVB is the dangerous melanoma form) & UVC doesn’t penetrate the earth’s atmosphere
  • Kit contains 5 x 20 minute sessions to be used on Britelite unit
  • They are not a take home kit and must be used in conjunction with Britelite unit
  • Strips are made by a renowned Belgium based dental company called Remindent
  • The strips are impregnated with 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Extensive research & testing was done to find just the right level of hydrogen peroxide 6% was the outcome. Any stronger caused teeth sensitivity and results of Cosmetic bright are comparable to using stronger % of hydrogen peroxide due to the unique Britelite unit. Dentists have confirmed the combination of heat & light are the main catalysts for speeding up the whitening process and providing better results in a shorter period of time.
  • Some whitening products quote higher % of peroxide but have to bear in mind that a lot of take home kits contain carbamide peroxide not hydrogen peroxide which is 3 time stronger.
  • On contact with the Britelite the heat & rays cause the foam strips to swell, creating a perfect fit against your teeth within the mouth tray
  • The mouth tray has a special built in focal window to ensure rays are directed evenly to upper and lower teeth. There is no need to sit in an uncomfortable position with your mouth clamped open you can gently pull your lips out over the tray and relax
  • With Cosmetic Brights unique foam strips you will not get the leakage as with other products. Eg. gels & solutions just rinse off with your saliva & you end up swallowing half the product.
  • It is not entirely necessary for a client to brush their teeth before the treatment rinsing their mouth will be adequate as it lowers the ph level in the mouth allowing the product to work more efficiently.
Why is Professional teeth whitening growing in popularity?
White, bright teeth are associated with health and youth. Through life our teeth changes colour and gets stained. No wonder teeth whitening are one of the fastest growing areas in treatments which enhance appearances. 

Professional Teeth Whitening with a beauty therapist has emerged as the simplest, most common, least invasive and least expensive means available to improve your smile.


The normal colour of permanent teeth is greyish yellow, greyish white or yellowish white but the number of people with this colour are usually limited owing to over aggressive tooth brushing and abrasive cleansing materials, acidic food and drinks and last but not the least, ageing. Elderly people tend to have more yellowish teeth compared to younger persons. These alterations in colour maybe physiologic or pathologic and endogenous or exogenous in nature.

Extrinsic discolorations are found on outer surface of teeth and are usually of local origin e.g. Tobacco, tea, coffee, oral intake of iron suspensions, continuous use of mouth washes and gum paint. Intrinsic the stains are found within the enamel and dentin and are caused by the deposition of the substances within these structures e.g. Tetracycline, Fluorosis stains, amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta, pulp necrosis etc.
How does professional teeth whitening work?
Professional teeth whitening works by oxidation in which the whitening agent normally in gel form enters the enamel &/or dentin of the discolored tooth and reduces the molecules containing discoloration. The bleaching depth depends on the cause of the stains and where and how deep the stain has permeated the tooth structure plus how deep the whitening agent can permeate to the source of discoloration and remain there long enough to release deep stains.
The Cosmetic Bright professional system’s light activated whitening gel's active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentine, bleaching coloured substances while the structure of the tooth is unchanged. The Cosmetic Bright Britelight aids in activating the hydrogen peroxide and helps it penetrate the surface of the tooth.
What is the difference between products with Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide? 
Carbomide peroxide is basically Hydrogen peroxide with urea added to it. This means that Carbomide peroxide is weaker than Hydrogen peroxide by 2/3rds. 30% Carbamide is the equivalent of 10% Hydrogen peroxide. The only upside to use Carbamide is that it takes longer to breakdown thus the expiry date is longer. The downside is that because it takes longer to breakdown it does not work as quickly as Hydrogen peroxide and when you have only 15 or 20 minutes to get a result you want it quickly. Some experimentation by Cosmetic Bright with Carbamide compared to Hydrogen has delivered the same result with 6% hydrogen peroxide as other companies get with 30% Carbamide Peroxide. No sensitivity has ever been experienced with Cosmetic Bright’s formulation. It is interesting to note that dentists only use Hydrogen Peroxide.
Why do some teeth whiten unevenly?
Simply due to the thickness of your enamel or to calcium deposits. The whitening gel is able to penetrate and whiten the enamel quicker on thinner surfaces. This should even out as you continue to use the product. This most often occurs on the tips of the teeth where the enamel is thinner due to use. Occasionally, small round white spots occur due to poor calcium deposits. They will be more noticeable during the whitening process -due to the dehydration effects of the glycol base- but will disappear within days of ceasing treatment.

Calcium deposits occur when there is a disturbance in the development of the teeth. The ameloblast (cells which make the hard white part of the teeth called enamel) when making the teeth add too much mineral to the mix and the result is a white or brown spot.
If the inner material of the tooth (Dentine) is discolored (such as when some type of medicines are taken or the disturbance in the development occurs later in life), the teeth will tend to have discoloration that appears to be very deep in the tooth (such as in the grey color teeth found in people who have taken tetracycline).

In the case of dentine discoloration, professional teeth whitening will not change the colour of the tooth, only remove the superficial staining.
Sensitivity vs Performance-158-515
Answers To Common Questions about Teeth Whitening
On this page, we have listed the various questions and corresponding answers to the many questions we have been asked in the past regarding cosmetic teeth whitening, laser whitening products and the various teeth whitening treatments available. If there are any questions you may have that are not covered here then please feel free to contact us directly, where we will be happy to deal with your query.
How does dental bleaching remove stains?

Cosmetic or dental bleaching systems will remove most stains with a gentle action that whiten your teeth. As the active ingredient in our patented foam strips (hydrogen peroxide), is broken down, the augmentation light and the warmth acts upon the stained organic deposits, which oxidizes them, bringing your teeth back 5-10 shades lighter. This process makes the overall tooth colour closer to its natural unstained shade, while your tooth structure remains unchanged. Years of clinical tests have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of this system. Crowns, bridges and fillings can also be whitened with the cosmetic bright system and will whiten to their original colour before staining.

What is Light Augmented Teeth Whitening? 

Light augmented teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure provided using a typically blue augmentation light of low concentration. The augmentation light is used to enhance the penetration of the whitening hydrogen peroxide agent into your teeth enamel, thus improving the result of the tooth bleaching.


Is teeth whitening painful?

Teeth whitening should not be painful, but in some cases it has been found to cause minor tooth and/or gum sensitivity. This is because some systems use hydrogen peroxide concentrations in the region of 30%. However the CosmeticBright system uses a 0.1% to 6% peroxide concentration in our whitening packs, which delivers perfect whitening every time with virtually no risk of post-treatment pain.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Teeth naturally become gradually more stained as we get older. The most common causes of this include consumption of foods like coffee, tea, wine, and smoking. In some cases there may be medical reasons why teeth become discoloured (such as taking Tetracycline medication) in these cases the teeth are usually not responsive to dental bleaching.

How long does tooth whitening last?

Studies confirm that once whitened, your teeth will stay white permanently. If staining substances such as caffeine or tobacco products are consumed regularly, then re-whitening may be necessary every few years.

How quickly will clients see results? 

Clients who have had their teeth whitened using the CosmeticBright light augmented teeth whitening system will see results immediately after the first 20 minute session. In almost all cases even the yellowest of teeth are restored to a more natural whiteness after 5 sessions.

How white will the system make teeth?

The shade of white achieved depends on the natural whiteness of a client's teeth. It should be remembered that the system only bleaches the stains that have built up over time and so if your natural colour was a few shades darker than a Hollywood smile, you will return your teeth back to your natural shade only.

Will clients need to see a Dentist? 

We would always recommend that anyone who has not had a dental check-up in the last 6 months, should visit their dentist prior to using any form of dental whitening. However, a visit to the dentist is not a requirement either before or after treatment if teeth are in a good state of health.

Can teeth whitening be given to people with crowns or false teeth? 
The cosmetic bright system successfully whitens crowns and false teeth, restoring them to their original colour.

Health And Safety Aspect Of Teeth Whitening

Is tooth whitening safe? 
Dental whitening, using professional light augmented teeth whitening systems and low peroxide concentrations are completely safe. There have been many studies conducted by dental experts across the globe (including research to determine what happens to the tooth at a microscopic level), which have shown no detrimental effects of whitening. However at higher concentrations of peroxide (some systems use peroxide concentrations in the region of 30%), some people have reported post-treatment pain in their teeth for a few days. This is why the CosmeticBright system uses a 0.1% to 6% peroxide concentration in our whitening packs, which delivers perfect results every time without any risk of post-treatment pain. Glaxo Smith Klein and Proctor and Gamble (2 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world) have carried out independent testing on the teeth whitening process and have concluded that utilising 0.1% to 6% hydrogen peroxide is completely acceptable.
"6% hydrogen peroxide is the recommended maximum to be used in teeth whitening procedures, according to guidelines drawn up by the EU's Scientific Committee on Consumer Products" THE POST.IE
Can anyone have their teeth whitened?
90% of the population will see amazing results from the CosmeticBright Light Augmented Teeth Whitening system, however there is a small percentage of people that should not use this treatment or any other form of dental whitening. Generally, anyone with teeth that require a dentist's intervention should not have their teeth whitened. People that at a young age have used medicines such as tetracycline are not eligible for the treatment and anyone on medication should consult their doctor prior to trying a whitening treatment. Also any discoloration and stains resulting from decalcification, such as excessive use of fluorides and porous teeth, will have little result from the treatment. People born with grey teeth will likewise gain little benefit from the treatment. Teeth whitening is also not recommended for people under 16. Finally, there is insufficient data on the effects of teeth whitening during pregnancy, so it is recommended that women abstain from any form of whitening or bleaching during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
Are there any side effects? 

Not all light augmented teeth whitening systems are the same and those that use high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can cause temporary tooth sensitivity during, and for a short time after, whitening. The CosmeticBright system eliminates this side effect by using only 0.1% to 6% hydrogen peroxide in the whitening packs. This has no effect on the performance of the system or the results achieved, but eliminates post-treatment pain symptoms.

What about people with receding gum lines? 

We would always recommend that anyone with any form of dental or oral problems, however minor, consult with a dentist or doctor prior to treatment.

Why is your product better than any other product available on the market? 

The CosmeticBright system is different in almost every way, including the price, size, low weight and the simplicity of use of this product. This makes it ideal for literally any size business and even people wanting to start a mobile light augmented teeth whitening business or indeed a home-based business. Also, because we use only 0.1% to 6% hydrogen peroxide, there is virtually no sensitivity or pain factor and our fantastic results speak for themselves.

How does the CosmeticBright Light Augmented Teeth Whitening System Work?

During the tooth whitening process, the facilitator will insert the whitening strips into a mouthpiece and the client then inserts it into their mouth. The client then relaxes while the blue augmentation light is turned on and shone on the teeth for 20 minutes. The mouthpiece is then removed and the client simply rinses out their mouth. Unlike other systems there is no lengthy preparation time per client and so treatment costs can be lower and client turnover much higher.

Why is Hydrogen Peroxide used? 

Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) is a compound made up of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. It has many medical uses and is used across the world for killing bacteria, viruses and fungi and some people even use it as a powerful mouthwash. However for the purposes of teeth whitening, its most interesting aspect is as an oxygenating agent to penetrate the tooth enamel, which results in the bleaching of the stains on the tooth surface.

What do I get when I buy a CosmeticBright Light Augmented Teeth Whitening System?
Every system sold comes with the following:
  • 1 x L.E.D. Augmentation Light
  • 1 x Protective glasses
  • 20 x Promotional Leaflets
  • Customer Disclaimers Documentation
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • Full training on the system and product
How much training do I need to operate this system?

This system can be operated after only 1-hour of training as it is just so simple to use. A unique mouth piece has been developed so there is no need for custom moulds. The patented foam strips are impregnated with the hydrogen peroxide solution so there is no application of messy gels. This makes it an ideal system for inclusion into virtually any business.

How big is the system?

The unit is approximately 40cm wide x 100cm high. This makes it incredibly compact allowing it to fit in even the smallest of spaces and making it very portable.

How heavy is the system?

The unit weighs in at only 7KG. This makes it the perfect system where a mobile whitening service is desired.

For answers to any questions not covered here relating to dental whitening in general or specifically to the CosmeticBright Light Augmented Teeth Whitening System, please feel free to contact us, where we will be happy to discuss your queries further or arrange a demonstration of what we believe is the best tooth whitening system in the world.

How does Cosmetic Bright Pro Teeth Whitening system help rebuild tooth enamel and reduce sensitivity, while improving teeth appearance?
Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Floride - ACP clusters fill open dentinal tubules, reducing sensitivity. ACP crystalizes into a new coating of hydroxyapatite, rebuilding enamel and filling surface defects on the teeth to add shine.
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