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Dr Hill For Professional Skin Care 

When it comes to your skin you want to make sure that the products you use are going to give you the results you want. Fast!

You want innovative, patented technology and quality key ingredients like Glycolic AHA, antioxidants including vitamins A, C and E. All these and other unique ingredients from New Zealand are combined to bring you the best skin care that science and nature can provide. We follow the basic principles of skin care management; cleansing, exfoliation, protecting and moisturising, but in the right concentration of active ingredients and pH levels in each formulation.

Dr Elina Hill graduated as a Medical Doctor. She worked as a classical dermatologist before specialising in Cosmo - Dermatology in 1992. During this time she collected large amount of knowledge about the esthetic skin problems associated with different climates and skin types. Dr Elina Hill has studied about skin care products and techniques extensively during this time in different countries: Germany, France, Spain, South Africa and in the UK.       

Dr Elina Hill was making and prescribed only two products (Day Cream and Eye Cream) for her clients and also was developing many formulations before she moved to New Zealand. Here she has developed her own Dr Hill professional skin care product.
History about Dr Hill skin care

Dr Elina Hill has started formulating her product about 20 years ago and many of these formulations have now been released in the Dr Hill range and have not changed as they have been proven to be effective for all skin types and climatic conditions.

In 2004 Dr Hill moved to New Zealand and saw the opportunity to fulfil one of her life dreams. She has decided to produce her own label and to become a leading manufacturer of quality skin care products. In New Zealand she discovered, all in one place, everything she needed to start her range and what an abundance in New Zealand of the natural raw ingredients vital to her formulations.
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Dr Hill Professional Skincare- Peel information
Dr Hill Professional Skincare is built around New Zealand ingredients combined with European research and skincare ideas. This means you will see high quality active ingredients, combined with professional treatments based around peels.

Dr Hill offers 3 levels of peel products, one of which is a homecare and professional care product.

Level one: Active Care Gel.
This product is 10% AHA complex. This product works to increase cell turnover, rapidly improving skin texture while having an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. Active Care Gel should be used in professional treatments, as well as sold to clients to use at home, every second night under night cream. It is normal to experience a slight tingling feeling on application.

Level Two: Active Care Complex.
This product is salon only. It is 25% AHA complex, working to renew and refresh the skin, while regulating skin imbalances. Treatment will result in lighter, brighter skin tone, improved texture, reduction in surface pigmentation and scarring. This product is also known as Social Peel, and obtains best results in a course of peels.

Level three: Revita Peel.
This product is salon only. It is designed for the more committed client who wants results, and is prepared to experience some discomfort to achieve this. It contains Retinoic, Citric, Azelaic, and Salysilic Acids. It is designed to deal with acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, cutaneous ageing and senile keratoses.

After treatment the skin will be red, tight and shiny for between 2 and 12 hours.

Three days after treatment the top skin layers will peel off (please keep this in mind when booking your client) Treatment will result in improved texture and tone of the skin, marked reduction in acne, acne scarring and pigmentation, better overall colouration, lightening and brightening of the skin.

All Dr Hill Peels are safe to use and provide excellent results. Careful attention must be paid to sunblock during and after treatment. All peels are designed to be used as a course of peels.




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