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In the world of professional hair removal, Clean + Easy is synonymous with innovation. Clean + Easy have been providing professionals with roll on waxing systems for over 10 years. They offer a complete line of professional waxing products, including roll-on systems, pot wax systems and treatments. Amongst their growing range they have retail hair removal products, pre & post care & waxing disposables.

Clean + Easy also have a complete line of professional paraffin wax blends enriched with essential oils and natural ingredients. This fast and effective heat therapy for dry and cracked skin, arthritis and aching muscles is excellent for hands, feet, arms, legs, the back and the face.
The patented roll on system is quick, safe and easy to use. This is a reliable method of waxing – no drips, mistakes or burns. The roll-on applicators always heat evenly which allows for a very thin and consistent application every time.

Clean + Easy waxing Spa Kit features quick melt, this allows you to service your client 50% faster than other warmers on the market, it also features a digital thermostat that can be adjusted to suit each client’s needs. The system has an open front design that allows quick and easy cleaning.

Clean + Easy have a wide variety of waxes on the market which have been formulated for specific skin types, Original, Vitamin E, Hemp and Simply Soy which is the first ever roll-on Soy hair remover. Original contains a blend of natural wax including beeswax, honey and pine rosins. Vitamin E is the best seller in the Clean + Easy range; this is rich in anti-oxidants and is known for its moisturizing properties. Hemp contains hemp oil which helps to hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation after the depilation.
Pre & Post Care:
Clean + Easy offers an Antiseptic cleanser in the pre care range, which removes traces of make-up, bacteria and any perspiration on the client’s skin.

Soothe Aloe Gel which refreshes the skin whilst cooling and soothing the skin. Minimizes irritation and redness after waxing.
Restore dermal therapy lotion with Allantoin which promotes healing and skin regeneration. As an after wax remover this will remove all residue of wax left on the clients skin. It has an anti-inflammatory action minimizing stress to the skin and restores the skin moisture. Squalene is a natural moisturising agent that also speeds healing. Shea butter naturally lubricates and retains moisture. Botanicals soothe heals and promotes new cell growth. Essential oils act as an antiseptic and anti-oxidant.
After wax remover contains wheat germ oil, a rich emollient which soothes and moisturises the skin immediately after waxing, whilst removing traces of wax residue. Remove can also be used to clean wax from roller heads and waxing spas. Effective with all types of waxes.





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