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Bare all products have been manufactured for over 24 years never wavering of compromising the standard or quality of their depilatory waxes. With the convenient bead formulation it makes it easy to pour into your pot with minimal mess.
Bare All have original formulations of strip and hot waxes that cater for a variety of clients skin care needs whilst waxing. Some of the benefits of these waxes include; low melting points allowing for thin and economical applications, designed with a creamy consistency and flexibility allows the technician to achieve a faster removal with minimal stress to the skin and limited redness.
The Bare All beaded hot wax contains titanium dioxide which offers excellent grip to the hair and also a clean and gentle depilation. They have made the sensitive skin formulation with extreme flexibility, which makes it an ideal wax to use on the face and body as well as private sensitive areas.

The aromas from the Strawberry, Coconut and Rose beaded hot wax combined with the soft smooth after feel of the depilation leaves a lasting impression. Lavender scent in the bare all strip formulation creates a calm and relaxing experience for the client.
Pre & Post Care:
Bare All has a pre wax prep to remove body oils from the skin surface, offering a clean balanced skin ready for waxing. A hygienic way to start off the treatment with peppermint and menthol giving this product the antiseptic properties required.

Bare All body system after wax oil will remove all wax residue left on the skin and the tea tree will provide protection against ingrown hairs. This is a fast drying formula to ensure the skin does not feel sticky after application.

Rose Lotion is used to calm and soothe the skin after waxing. Its hydrating formula makes it perfect to use as a body moisturiser as well as an after wax soother.
Citrus Cleaner:
This is a natural based citrus wax cleanser it is a perfect tool for cleaning the wax residue off of wax pots, utensils and wax spills, it has a sweet citrus scent that is subtle and not overpowering. The Clear wax solvent has a low odour and ideal for those clients with easily irritated or sensitive skins.

Equipment rinse is available to protect against the growth of germs and to remove any body oils from any equipment. Tea tree wash is perfect for cleansing hands prior to waxing, beauty and nail treatments.




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