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The Pink Treatment TurtlepinIII Tip 0.5mm Stimulator

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Type: Consumable


Includes: 1

TGA Registered Medical Device
ARTG 313807

Turtlepin III is a single-use, disposable product delivery system. 5ml airless syringe bottle and tips replaces traditional syringes offering clinicians an in-clinic alternative to injecting. Simply fill the bottle with the solution and lock it into place. Consistent solution delivery is maintained through a gentle tapping motion. 

Once the sterile container is locked in place, it cannot be opened or tampered with. This keeps the solution airtight and sterile ensuring no risk of cross-contamination and maintaining consistent levels of product delivery reliability during treatment.

- Equal Diffusion

- Accurate Penetration

- No Risk of Infection

- Less Needle Pain

- Reduction of Needle Injury

- Reduced Procedure Running Time

- User-Friendly Ergonomic Design

- Easy and Accurate Release of Purposed Solution

- Enhanced Skin Permeability

0.5mm Depth
0.5mm penetrates from the lower layer of the Epidermis to the upper layer of the Dermis. A treatment can be performed at this depth without the need for anesthetic cream. It is recommended for skin with surface issues such as dull skin tone, texture, and superficial pigmentation, and fine lines.

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Multipin Solution Delivery Device


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Convenient application
Luer-Lock with normal syringe or with airless pump.

Hygienic packaging
Individual airtight packaging
Penetration depth
0.5mm Upper Epidermis
Lancet x 2 cut
Reduced pain and risk of injury 
32G Hypodermic needle
Accurate penetration and direct delivery of solution.
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