Advanced Skin Analysis Module 5 - Summary


This is the final 3 unit module of the Pastiche Advanced Skin Analysis program, and COMPLETION of the Diagnostic Procedure 

As you have learned by now skin analysis is a modality that considers thought and knowledge and reinforces how important your knowledge of skin must be. The importance of learning to separate the skin analysis into basic majority skin types, preparatory treatments, and priority skin conditions. 

Making the next step of selling your findings and treatment programs the last phase in the Pastiche Method. Closing the sale and asking for the order after a skin diagnosis that identifies issues and provides a positive outcome will always be successful if a treatment plan has been devised. Upon completion, you will be able to offer confidently skin analysis as a chargeable service and to write treatment programs that will increase your turnover, all are important steps in the Pastiche Method of skin analysis. 
  • ►  Completing the Analysis using diagnostic equipment summary and visual analysis
  • ►  Cover the summary and treatment planning stage of skin analysiss
  • ►  Professional Referrals
  • ►  Linking the leading cause to cells and systems affected
  • ►  Summarizing the findings
  • ►  Writing a treatment program

1. Completing the Analysis using diagnostic equipment summary and visual analysis

A photograph, consultation form and diagnostic face used in the pastiche method is a professional point of reference. It could be classified as the most simple of diagnostic tools. Skin diagnostic equipment will never replace the skin diagnostic technician, it will confirm diagnosis, give a pathway to follow and assist in establishing the cause of the skin concern. Give an understanding of the severity of the problem, and give a professional point of reference to start from, and to return to when doing future skin evaluation.

2. Writing a treatment program

Covers the summary and treatment planning stage of skin analysis. Learning to take note of the leading causes and carrying the information across to the cells and systems most seriously affected. A vital step in the planning stage of writing a treatment program. Learning to separate epidermal cells, systems and skin conditions from dermal enable the technician to know which part of skin requires treatment first.

3. Selling a treatment program

Writing into the treatment plan those ingredients that are biomimetic and how to best improve skins cellular structure. Informing and educating the client of your recommendations and inviting them to make a booking, start their treatment program and purchase the appropriate skin care is a vital part of the skin analysis appointment. To NOT do this in reality is professional negligence, as you must give your client every option and every choice to make an informed decision.





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