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All New - Dr Hill skin care anti-aging mask!

Active ingredients:
Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Spirulina maxima extract, Green apple extract (the apple's skin and seeds), Kiwi fruit extract, Grapes seeds extract, Marine trace elements, NMF(natural moisturizing factor).  
Some information:
This Dr Hill anti-aging mask has shown the ability to visibly reduce skin photo damage after regular use and can visibly improve several features of photo damaged skin, such as irregularity of skin complexion, skin impurities and greasy shine. There can also be a significant improvement in mottled pigmentation, sallowness and roughness.

Visual skin damage due to sun exposure was identified more than 40 years ago, wrinkles and depigmentation’s are visible on photo damaged skin, which becomes dull and loses its tone. 

The active ingredients of this mask can reduce the symptoms of facial skin aging, including fine lines, wrinkles (their depth and number), pigmentary abnormalities, enlarged pores and irregular skin texture. In addition, regular use of Anti-Aging mask can protect the skin from further photoaging by reducing the impact of UV damage. Protection against UV irradiation is therefore crucial in order to prevent the appearance of the aging-associated features.

Human skin acts as a barrier between the internal and the external environment, protecting the body from mechanical damage, noxious substance, and penetration by pathogens and radiations. The constantly uncovered skin, such as face skin, also plays a vital role in regulating body homeostasis by reducing transepidermal water loss. Nevertheless, skin barrier function can be perturbed by environmental stressors, that is, seasonal changes, pollution, and habits and intrinsic ones such as aging. During aging, skin protection activity decreases and changes in barrier-low function and skin appearance. Indeed, some active ingredients of Anti-Aging mask , such as natural moisturizing factor (NMF) from the algae, proteins and lipids from Spirulina , can influence skin barrier properties through the skin thickness in dermal(collagen contains) layer. 

The induction and propagation of dry skin, which condition was mainly associated with skin type (genetic heritage)  or chronological aging, was recently described as a " dry skin cycle”, and associated now with photo aging. The induction phase of dry skin can be mediated by a variety of different factors, for example, low temperature, humidity conditions, and stress. Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B, which can be found in spirulina, kiwi fruits and apple skin, reduces the effect of aging not only by protecting against toxins and pollutants, increasing blood circulation , but also inducing significant reductions in visual dry skin grad. Algin has been used widely for the treatment of dry skin for many years ( its can relieve dry skin through improvement of facial skin barrier functionality).The ingredients of Anti-Aging mask rapidly improve skin miniaturization ; especially, this effect is a long-lasting after the course of the treatments.

Many aspects of skin biology change in dry skin conditions, including the sensitivity. The groups of proteins and amino-acids, which are founded in Algin and Spirulina, when its applied to skin, reduced the irritability by their irreversibly water and lipids exchange to the skin cells.

Many aspects of the skin biology are changed in photo damaged skin due to the low-production or a poor quality minerals and other structures, which are vital to the healthy skin for all functions, but the most important is the immunity boosting).In Anti-Aging mask there are a number of active ingredients (Marine trace elements), if not all, include the essential for the skin minerals and microelements. 

There are also some of the natural acids, such as Glycolic Acid (from green apples and kiwi fruits), and some of them are identical to human skin enzymes (from Algin). The concentration of them in topical application of Anti-Aging mask is about 4%, which is far from any possibility to any irritation. However, Glycolic Acid has been shown to improve the features of facial aging (discoloration, elastic); especially, it show after regular applications with home-use products applications. Glycolic Acid acts directly on fibroblasts or indirectly through keratinocyte-derived mediators to increase collagen synthesis. Enzymes from Algae were found to help and incite that process. As a result, the dermal tissue can be remodelled, and effects of photo aging can visibly be reduced. 
Any types of photo damaged skin; also, it can be use to prevent sun damage or aging. And can be combined with any professional treatment or can be applied separately.
How to use:
Put 3 scoops (about 25 grams) of mask in a bowl and add about 90-100 ml of pure water (room temperature), and stir it until you have a creamy consistency. The Anti-Aging mask has a light greenish-yellow colour, which can become brighter by the end of application. The amount of water can be a little more or a little less, depending of the humidity in the treatment room. Spread the mask all over the clients' face/neck/décolleté, using a spatula. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes. After this time, the mask can be peeled off. Notice that the Anti-Aging mask does not give the same cold effect as other Dr Hill masks.
Recommendation from Dr. Hill: 

The best result can be achieved from a course of 6 – 10 applications.




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