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oxy megastationlogo Winner of the "Prix H. Pierantoni de l’Innovation
2005” (Innovation Award) at Les Nouvelles
Esthetiques Congress in Paris on 3rd April 2005

Oxyendodermia® firms facial tissue, smoothes wrinkles and mood lines and leaves your skin looking bright and supple.
Oxyendodermia® is also used to treat cellulite build-up on the body, "orange peel” skin, fat pads and to help re-model and sculpt the figure.
Completely safe treatments with incomparable results

It is of great importance to nourish and oxygenate the skin in order to keep it bright and supple.
For this reason, the Maya Beauty Engineering researchers Team has recently developed a totally revolutionary system which gained great success all over the world: the OXYENDODERMIA® System.

It consists of a synergy between oxygen infusion and connective vacuum massage performed through very special roller probes which are able to work in continuous, pulsed and heart beat synchronised ways on face and body.

This method is in fact a real must for firming, lifting and reshaping both face and body and it halves the time necessary to get the results compared with other similar methods.

It therefore becomes easy to understand how important the synergy between these two methods is to counteract the coming about of many skin flaws and to attenuate them once appeared.

Oxy Megastation is a revolutionary product, which combines lymph drainage, connective tissue vacuum massage, glass ball percussion microdermabrasion and oxygen infusion in one, easy to use product.

5 PROVEN TESTED TREATMENTS with the benefit of pure concentrated oxygen
  • Oxyendodermia® Bi-directional connective tissue vacuum massage with  oxygenated endocosmetic infusion.
  • Oxygenated Microdermabrasion.
  • Oxygen infusion.
  • Oxygen aromatherapy.
  • Supporting endocosmetic range with Bot•Care, our natural replacement for Botox.

The Oxy Megastation package includes comprehensive certified training, advertising & marketing support, customer support and a complete starter kit of complimentary endocosmetics.  Several advertising and area packages available as well.
Why Oxygen?
  • It is the most essential and natural element in nature.
  • Every single cell in the body needs oxygen to live
  • Reverses the ageing process
  • Feeds and oxygenates the skin
  • Calms and soothes the skin
  • Encourages and speeds healing processes
  • Reverses damage caused by pollution
  • Combats stress and exhaustion
  • Reduces irritation
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Tightening and firming effect
  • Accelerate healing process
How Oxygen is Generated

The air that we breathe is made up of 21% oxygen, 78 % nitrogen and 1% other inert gases. The Maya Beauty Engineering oxygen systems filter out the nitrogen and other inert gases using a special Zeolite filter, rendering 95 – 98 % pure oxygen.

(for FACE and BODY treatments)

Phase 1: Bio-directional connective tissue massage
Face and Body Connective Tissue Massage
The stimulation of the connective tissue is excellent to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and fibrin, combat cellulite, reduce water retention and stimulate blood and lymph circulation. 

The rhythmic alternation of the two movements, one sucking, the other pushing, accelerates the haematic flow in the extreme artery-vein circulation periphery, increasing the metabolic and regenerative processes.

The surface of the skin is sucked upwards as it runs across the rollers that come together to create three aspiration sectors and a considerable increase in the area of the underlying vacuum.

When the aspiration phase is over and the hand piece is in idle mode, a spring presses on the tissue with a positive pressure (down pulse) that pumps the fluids recalled in the previous step towards the vein and lymph systems. The rolls present in the Maya Roll probes are not only used to help the sliding of the probe on the surface of the skin, but they play a much more important role. Their presence is necessary to reduce the empty space created from the aspiration chamber and to follow the skin while it is aspirated.

In this way, we avoid the risk of breaking the fibres of the tissues and to stretch the skin, at the same time, to recall in the treated area the maximum quantity of blood
Connective tissue Massage has three modes of operation
  • Continuous
  • Pulsed
  • Heart rate synchronised
While the continuous modality is excellent to perform draining steps and the pulsed to firm the tissues, the heart beat synchronized modality helps the flow of the blood to reach those most peripheral areas which are usually not reached by the blood channel system and hence the first areas where many skin flaws arise.
In this way, the operator will have the possibility to always personalize the treatments considering the client’s needs, with excellent results and to operate also on those areas which are usually difficult to be treated. 
Connective tissue massage:
  • Programmed rhythm connective tissue massage synchronised to the clients’ heart  rate.
  • Blood is pushed from the heart and, in the same instant; it is sucked into the treatment area using the vacuum massage probe. This aids the flow of blood right through the body’s circulatory system.
  • Particularly effective on lymph node stations, for the stimulation of the lymph circulation in the most peripheral areas.
  • Stimulation of lipolysis of the adipose tissue
  • Treatment of flaccid and relaxed tissues, double chin and drooping breasts,  remove cellulite, remodel and sculpt the face and body.
  • Especially effective on obese patients.

Two-dimensional connective massaging is performed using special face and body hand pieces that delicately massage your skin tissue, stimulating blood and lymph circulation and boosting metabolic exchanges. At the same time this gentle, pleasant massage stimulates the production of fibroblasts that are responsible for the look and suppleness of the skin.

Step 1: the hand piece is laid on the surface of the skin. In this relaxed position the rollers exert a slight downward pressure towards the bottom of the tissue. 
Step 2:  the hand piece is run over the skin. The rollers are pushed upwards creating three aspiration sectors and stimulating a vast area. This fills the vessels with oxygenated blood.
Step 3: the rollers then push downwards, compressing the vessels filled in the previous step. This empties the vessels and increases the speed of the blood flow.
Oxygen Infusion

Maya Beauty Engineering is the leader in the oxygen infusion field and is proud to present this innovative and successful method which uses PURE OXYGEN to help the penetration of active ingredients contained in the MBE special endocosmetic products right into the skin germinative layer.

This methodology has the ability to nourish and revitalize the skin from the inside, thus stimulating its response and giving it a fresh and luminous look. Thanks to the oxygen, cells can regenerate in a faster way and the active principles can work directly "from the inside”.

Having finished the first phase, specially formulated beauty products are applied to the skin and channeled down to its deepest layers using oxygen infusion. 
Here the pressure of pure pulsed oxygen dilates the pores enabling the active principles to reach the most vital layers of the skin and act from the inside. 
This function is a real alternative to Botox with none of its side effects. It is pleasant, painless and leaves the skin feeling smooth and velvety with no edemas of any kind.

Furthermore, by disposing of a special hand piece, called PLURIJET, the operator will be able to perform body oxygen infusion in a very reduced time, thanks to the presence of three oxygen outlets working at same time on a bigger area (instead of one like for the face).

Considering the great capability of the oxygen infusion to help the penetration of the active principles into the skin, the MBE laboratories have recently introduced a new revolutionary line of endocosmetics: the newest and most valid alternative to the Botulinic Toxin injection, the mbe Bot Care Line.  In combination with the MBE oxygen system units, it represents a real alternative to Botox and it is able to give a really shocking anti-age effect, by relaxing the facial muscles and reducing the depth of the wrinkles.

In fact, it does not paralyze muscles and, containing active principles which act from the inside, it also supplies ingredients which stimulate the skin to produce those substances, such as collagen, needed to keep it look young.

Pure oxygen is used as a "vehicle” to let specific ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. Pure oxygen instead of needles is absolutely painless and safe.
  • The newest alternative to Mesotherapy and Botulinic Toxin Injections.
  • Uses a full range of endocosmetics designed specifically for infusion
  • Uses pure concentrated oxygen as an Infusion vehicle
  • Infuses active ingredients deep into the dermal layers
  • Healing and treatment works from the inside out
Oxygenated Microdermabrasion

   (with Glass ball percussion)
This methodology has been carried out to produce a mechanical biostimulation,  which, using perfectly spherical micronised glass balls, through a gentle and controlled tapping, bio-stimulates and exfoliates the skin in a totally painless way and making the skin regenerate and become more receptive and permeable to the cosmetics applied.

Treatments are less irritating to delicate areas of the skin compared to most systems currently on the market, meaning better results in a shorter period of time (due to the round shape of the micronised glass balls).
  • Controlled and measured glass ball percussion, completely safe.
  • Mechanical bio stimulation.
  • Use of perfectly spherical micronised glass balls.
  • Gentle and controlled tapping.
  • Exfoliation of the skin in a painless way
  • Encourages skin regeneration.
  • Makes the skin more permeable to MBE applied endocosmetics
By using this method, skin flaws such as pigmentations, stains, scars, stretch marks, etc., can be progressively reduced and attenuated, and the results can be visible right from the first section. 
Oxygen Spray
oxy-megastation6 The oxygen spray function helps to calm down the skin and to enhance the healing processes of the tissues.
It can be used also in case of active acne, acne rosacea and herpes simplex, in order to calm down the inflammatory process.
  • A complete effective, sterile method of treatment
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Soothes and calms the skin without pressure after : microdermabrasion, Laser peels, IPL
  • Also treats Acne, Eczema and any other skin problem
Oxygen enhalasion and aromatherapy
The MBE units administer pure oxygen combined with essential oils, which can be chosen depending on the client’s mood or preferences.
Oxygen inhalation is excellent both for mind and body, increasing the concentration and mnemonic capabilities, reducing the stress, detoxifying, improving sport performances, reducing the down-time period after intensive fatigue.
  • Slows the ageing process.
  • Enriches, revitalises and feeds the skin cell
  • Calms and soothes the skin.
  • Encourages and speeds healing
  • Detoxification
  • Stress reduction and energy enhancing
  • Immunity system reinforcement





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