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Power Plate Information

With over 250 programs plus 99 user profiles if you want to save specific user defined programs.Power Plate - discover the difference!

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Relax and De-Stress
Rejuvenate Your Body

More than just exercise equipment, the Power Plate machine offers the capacity for whole body massage and relaxation. It passively works all the muscle groups in the body, increasing circulation instantly and aiding in the relief of pain for enhanced relaxation.

Fast Forward
Achieve your Ultimate Body
Using the Power Plate machine helps stimulate an immediate increase in circulation, oxygenating the blood and improving the removal of toxins from the body. This can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite for a smoother, sleeker silhouette.
Reach Your Goal Weight
Slim Down with Power Plate

A recent study showed that Acceleration Training™ using Power Plate equipment offers a 57% improvement in weight loss compared to conventional exercise and nutrition alone.

View a presentation on the study [here]…

For the first time ever the Power Plate machine features an interactive, touch-screen video interface with access to more than 250 progressive full body workouts, drawn from a library of more than 1,000 individual exercise videos.

Even your busiest clients no longer have an excuse, as the my7 offers programs as short as 10 minutes, making it far easier to squeeze a workout into a demanding day.

In addition, the my7 feature proMOTION™ technology, an embedded cable resistance system adding another dimension to your workout. These cables transfer vibrations more effectively, so you can perform a far wider range of dynamic exercises both on and off the platform.

With the ability to create individual user profiles, which record your workout progression and favourite exercises, your clients will love you for having their personal programs to work towards achieving their personal fitness goals.

As with all Power Plate machines, the my7 works by transferring vibrations throughout the body, which cause the muscles to respond multiple times per second. This intensifies the results of holding a pose or performing a dynamic exercise, which is why it is called Acceleration Training™.

Taking up about as much space as an armchair, the my7 model will fit easily into your salon.
Power Plate® my7™ Technical Highlights:
  • More than 1,000 exercises, each with demonstration video and coaching cues.
  • More than 250 training programs spanning Weight Loss to Invigorating
  • Includes the proMOTION™ dynamic cable resistance system with 6 adjustable resistance levels.
  • 10” sweat-resistant touch screen with an intuitive, streamlined interface.
  • Stereo speakers for playback of included instructional videos.
  • USB, WiFi and network cables for future expandability and internet connectivity.
  • Customisable User Profile setup with enough individual log in options for the entire family.

Used by elite athletes, celebrities and people from all walks of life, Power Plate® exercise can help improve fitness, muscle tone and strength, flexibility, bone density and circulation and cardiovascular function. Power Plate International has a presence in 92 countries globally, with its international headquarters in the UK, and a research and development centre in the Netherlands.

Power Plate® my7™

Say Hello to Your New Personal Trainer
Over 250 customised programs. Over 1,000 individual exercises. Over a million different combinations. The my7™ is the remarkable exercise machine that takes your workout in a whole new direction. That’s because it’s with you every step from start to finish. In addition to our unique Advanced Vibration Technology™, the my7 features an integrated touch screen computer complete with over 1,000 exercise videos and coaching tips to guide you. For more information, visit

Fast Forward to Results
Attract new clients and keep them coming back for more with the Power Plate® my7™ machine. It boosts the effectiveness of your beauty and wellness program with a fresh, exciting offering that generates revenue and provides a point of distinction for your business. Enhance any number of treatments already on your menu, from anticellulite body wraps to fat-burning therapies and weight management programs, and earn revenue on a per-use basis.
With interactive touch screen technology, video coaching and more than 250 pre-programmed workouts, the my7 can be used for self-guided sessions after an initial induction. This leaves your staff free to offer other treatments, while the my7 continues to generate
you revenue.

More than Skin Deep
Discover the next generation of spa and beauty technology, with the new Power Plate® my7™ machine. It uses Advanced Vibration Technology™ to stimulate the muscles multiple times per second, so your clients get the results they want, fast.
With just a few short sessions each week as part of a healthy lifestyle, clients will soon see and feel the benefits.
Cellulite Reduction Increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite, for skin that looks and feels smoother.
Inch Loss Aid weight management, by speeding up the metabolism to burn calories and reduce body fat.
Body Shape Improve muscle tone and strength, for a sleeker, longer silhouette.
Lymphatic Drainage Instantly increases circulation to deliver nutrients and oxygen where needed, and drain away toxins.
Keep bones strong and healthy by preventing the loss of bone mineral density, and alleviate aches and pains to enhance relaxation.
Increase range of motion and flexibility to improve daily life functioning.
This is a low impact form of exercise for clients of all ages and physical abilities.

The Perfect Model
The my7™ machine offers integrated touch screen technology, video coaching, over 1000 exercise videos and 250 workouts. So whether your clients are looking to tone up, lose weight or enhance the results of anti-cellulite treatments, my7 has the solution.
It also features proMOTION™ cable resistance technology to offer more exercise options both on and off the machine.

Vibration: G-Factor™ 1 – 6
30, 35 or 40Hz pre-settings
One step increments possible
High / Low amplitude
Dimensions: 35in x 32in x 61in / 87cm x 80cm x 153cm
Weight: 287lb / 130kg
Accessories: 2 upper body straps, 1 contoured mat
Motor: Special application patented DualSync™ Twin Motor System
Key features:
  • Max load 136 kg
  • Touch screen operation
  • Promotion cable system




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