Power Plate: FAQs

What is the Power Plate machine?
The Power Plate machine is the leading Acceleration Training™ device in the world. It is used by people of all ages and physical abilities to help improve their fitness, health and wellbeing.
How does the Power Plate machine work?
The Power Plate machine vibrates in three different directions. These tiny movements cause the body to be put off balance. To correct this imbalance, the muscles unconsciously make very rapid reflex contractions so that they are almost continuously contracted. As training on a Power Plate machine is so extremely effective, the time spent exercising is reduced to around 25 - 30 minutes. Make no mistake though - it is still hard work! 
How often should I use my Power Plate machine?
This very much depends on the purpose of your training and your individual fitness requirements. We recommend that you consult a certified Power Plate trainer by phoning us on +64 21 467 750. As a general guideline, you are best to do up to three full-body Power Plate sessions per week. It is important that you allow your muscles to rest for 24 hours between each session so that they do not fatigue, just as you would with traditional resistance training. However, you can use the Power Plate machine to do massage, stretch and relaxation exercises on a daily basis. 
I have seen much cheaper vibration platforms for sale. How is the Power Plate machine different?
Power Plate International is considered the market leader, with more than ten years experience in Acceleration Training™ products and services. Our products have been developed by our research and product development team based on proven scientific findings about the effects of specific vibration exercise programs to ensure that they offer health and fitness benefits for a wide range of users. The Power Plate machine creates a mechanical stimulation which ranges from 25 - 50 Hertz chosen specifically because it is out of the range of the human body's own resonance. Other machines may not state at which frequency they operate, or many not even be capeable of generating the frequency they claim. Power Plate Internation is also the only specialised company in its field to be certified as a Medical Device Manufacturer.
Is there any proof that the Power Plate machine works?
There have been hundreds of independent research studies into the various effects of Acceleration Training™ exercise, carried out by prestigious universities around the world. The results of these studies have been published in highly respected international academic journals, making their conclusions part of the official scientific record. Visit our research library to find out more.
How does the Power Plate machine differ from other similar products?
Power Plate International has invested in extensive independent third party research into the benefits of the technology and continues to do so. Power Plate machines operate in a range between 25 and 50 Hertz. The Power Plate machine features a vibrating plate and handlebars for stability. When the machine vibrates, the user stabilises his or her body ‐ a technique that forces the muscles to contract and works the core muscles including the abdomen, thighs and the buttocks. The level of vibrations can be increased to accommodate increased fitness levels.
Is the Power Plate machine safe for everyone to use?
Since its launch in 2000, quite literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world have used the Power Plate machine, some for many years, with no adverse effects reported. Such widespread use over an extended period indicates that the Power Plate machine is a safe and effective form of exercise. Of course, like any form of exercise, anyone considering using the Power Plate machine for the first time should obtain medical clearance to exercise. If you already active and cleared for exercise, you are likely to be a good candidate for Acceleration Training. There are also some pre-existing medical conditions which may make the Power Plate machine an unsuitable option. A Power Plate certified trainer and your medical specialist can help you with further advice about this.
Can I use the Power Plate machine if I have metal implants?
Yes, the vibrations will have no effect on any metal implants.
Can I use the Power Plate machine if I have a pacemaker?
If your doctor or medical specialist has given you clearance to perform strength and cardiovascular training, or sports activities which absorb shock such as skiing, horseback riding or biking, then you should be able to use the Power Plate machine. However we always recommend that you check with your doctor or medical specialist first as they know you and your medical history best. If you have any medical issues, be sure to consult with a professional, qualified Power Plate trainer before beginning any exercise routine. You can find these by phoning Power Plate Australia on 1300 411 495.
If the vibrations travel to my head, will this be bad for me?
No, but it is likely to be very uncomfortable. You should follow our training guidelines to help reduce the chance of vibrations travelling directly to your head, and also to improve your results! When performing static exercises, such as holding a squat position on the vibrating platform,you should never simply stand upright with your legs straight and knees locked. Always keep your knees slightly bent, whether you are performing a static or dynamic exercise, as you will achieve the best possible results if your muscles are under pre-tension.
Will the Power Plate machine help me lose weight?
Many users report significant weight loss after using the Power Plate machine regularly. One possible reason is that the vibrations help to increase lymphatic flow and therefore excess retained fluid is removed more effectively. Research also shows that regular Acceleration Training exercise can reduce body fat as it increases the metabolism both during and after exercising.
Can I use the Power Plate machine as my only exercise activity?
Many people do only use the Power Plate machine and are thrilled with the results it offers.
Can anyone use Power Plate machines?
Power Plate machines are convenient, quick and safe to use, enabling people of all fitness levels and ages to achieve a wide range of health and wellness benefits. Power Plate products make Acceleration Training™ exercise available to anyone who wants full‐body fitness in a shorter time span in a home or a gym/studio setting. For fitness, wellness, and general health needs, Power Plate products provide a revolutionary low‐stress solution, customisable to your personal goals. Used by hundreds of sports professionals throughout the world, Power Plate products are now available for home use. It is a great option for people who enjoy an active lifestyle but don't have the time to perform lengthy workouts three or more times a week.
What is the difference between Acceleration and Vibration Training?
These are interchangeable terms; however 'Acceleration' more accurately describes the science behind the technology and is only possible in machines that have vertical oscillation.
What's the advantage of using a Power Plate machine over a normal workout?
Training on the Power Plate machine has an enormous advantage over traditional training as it causes considerably less damage to the muscles - less microtrauma - and can benefit the entire body in just a 15 minute session.
Where is the serial number located on my Power Plate machine?
You will find your serial number on the base of the column at the back of the machine. Look for a white sticker with a barcode.
Does my Power Plate machine have an ON/OFF switch?
Yes, at the base of the column at the back of the machine you will find the main ON / OFF switch, which is a rocker switch. "O" is off, and "I" is on.
Where can I register my Power Plate machine for warranty?
You can register your Power Plate on the Power Plate website. Choose the Product Registration option under the Products menu and fill in your details.
I have misplaced the power cord for my Power Plate machine. How can I get a new one?
The cord is readily available from many electronics stores such as Harvey Norman and Dick Smith.
The battery in my remote control for the my5™ machine does not work. What type of battery does it require?
It needs an 11amp, 6 volt battery, usually known as a 11A or MN11. This is commonly used to power remote controls for car alarms, garage door openers and other similar items.
My Power Plate machine has no power. What could the problem be?
Occasionally, the vibrations can cause the power cord to work itself loose from the power inlet. Please check that your power cord is still firmly inserted in the power inlet. You should also check that power is available from the outlet, by testing another appliance.
I am having a problem with my Power Plate machine. How do I seek technical assistance or warranty service?
You should first contact Power Plate New Zealand directly on +64 21 467 750 and ask to speak with our technical support department. We can then organise for a Power Plate service technician to visit you if required.
What information should I supply if I have to call about a problem with my Power Plate machine?
The service representative will firstly need the Power Plate product model and serial number. They will also need to know the nature of the problem (such as an error message, description of what is not working, etc), and your contact details such as a name, address and telephone number.
Can the pro series models be set to vibrate for longer than 60 seconds?
Yes. Our entire pro-series range can be set to run for up to 9 minutes. Select the start button, frequency and time before pressing the '+' button to increase the timer setting in increments of 15 seconds.
What are the AIR settings on my pro5 AIRdaptive / pro6 AIRdaptive?
The AIRdaptive settings allow the machine to deliver the optimum vibrations for each user dependent on their weight. Setting 1 is for those up to 60kgs; Setting 2 is for those between 60kgs and 90kgs; and Setting 3 is for those over 90kg up to a maximum of 227kg.
How do I clean the anti-skid surface and mat(s) on my Power Plate machine?
We recommend that you firstly switch your machine off at the wall (if cleaning the anti-skid surface) and then spray the surface with warm water. You can use a soft bristle brush to loosen any dirt. Then use an absorbent towel or chamois to blot dry the anti-skid surface or wipe dry the mat(s). Be sure to wait until the surfaces are completely dry before next usage to prevent any potential for injury.
I've misplaced the User Manual for my Power Plate machine. How can I get a new one?
You can download the User Manual from the Power Plate Australia website. Select the model type you require from the "Products" drop down menu. The machines are listed under Personal and Professional categories. Look for the 'User Manual' tab to locate a PDF copy of the manual.
Can I get a service manual for my Power Plate machine?
Any servicing or repairs for Power Plate equipment should only be carried our by a Power Plate certified technician. Service manuals are only available to those who are certified to fix them. If you would like to call our technical support team, please phone +64 21 467 750 - the Power Plage staff will be happy to help you with any troubleshooting questions.




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