Dr Hill: Information

Dr Hill: Eye - Marine Mask
This mask from the Dr Hill skincare range enriches the delicate skin around eyes by 100% Marine Collagen and has a cellular renewal action

The marine collagen is the most important component of the elastic and connective tissues that hold the skin together.

Product Benefits: 

Only natural ingredients
Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis
Easy to mix with water
Hypoallergenic, suitable for any skin type
Can be combine with any skin care product and any treatment
Use around the eyes and lips

Application Technique: 

Put 1 scoop (8 to 10 g) in a bowl and add 30 ml of pure water (temperature 19 to 25c) and stir it until you have a creamy consistency. The amount of water can be little more of little less, depending on the humidity. 

Spread the mask on the eyes using a spatula and leave it for about 15 minutes. 

After this time, when mask has slightly dried, it can be peeled off.
Dr Hill: Facial Cleanser
A gentle, light lathering cleanser from the Dr Hill range. Formulated as a soap free cleanser to remove all traces of make-up and impurities.  Skin Classification: All skin types.

Key Active Ingredients:

1.4% Triple Alpha Hydroxy Acid Complex
Vitamins A and E, Ester, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Extract.
Product pH: 4.5

Product Benefits:

Non-alkaline cleanser, to cleanse without disturbing the normal acid pH balance of the skin.
Light exfoliation properties.
Gently hydrates with a powerful combination of humectants
Promotes a clean and clear skin

Application Technique:

Morning and evening
Apply a small amount to the skin and massage with wet fingertips for one minute.
Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Repeat if necessary.
Dr Hill: Facial Toner
Specially formulated to help restore the healthy epidermal appearance of the skin, whilst assisting in refining the texture of the skin. The skin will feel refreshed and revitalised.
Skin Classification: All skin types

Key Active Ingredients: 

7% Triple AHA Complex, Petigrain Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Product pH: 4.5

Product Benefits: 

Improved clarity of the skin, without leaving it excessively dry
Degreasing properties
Skin freshness
Anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory benefits
Acceslerated skin restoration process

Application Technique: 

Morning and evening or as prescribed
Apply to the skin using damp or dry gauze
Dr Hill Professional Skincare - Peels
drhill-skincare-peels Dr Hill Professional Skincare is built around New Zealand ingredients combined with European research and skincare ideas. This means you will see high quality active ingredients, combined with professional treatments based around peels. 

All Dr Hill Peels are safe to use and provide excellent results. Careful attention must be paid to sunblock during and after treatment. All peels are designed to be used as a course of peels.
Dr Hill Social Peel
For natural exfoliation before body care treatment

For elimination, dead cells, re-hydration of the skin, smother skin, anti-inflammatory and remove in-growing hair.

Indications for use

Photo and chrono ageing - loss of elasticity, fine wrinkles, sensitive skin, dry and dehydrated skin. 
Hyper pigmentation. 
Problematic skin (inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne, blemishes, folliculitus, post acne problems (scars and spots, large pores and blackheads). 
Hyperkeratosis (actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis).

Product Benefits:

Aesthetic Results
Softer, smoother, more radiant skin. 
Increases cell turnover, dermal and epidermal regeneration (exfoliate)
Re-hydration of the skin
Reduces or, in some cases, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces enlarged pores and blemishes
Reduces localised skin discolouration
Removes impurities
Eliminates blackheads
Reduction in excessive oil
Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
Clarifies and refreshes the skin


For all skin types
No irritation and minimal burning during the session
Absence of redness and visible keratolytic effects in post-treatment period
Can be used during summer
Preparation of the skin for other aesthetic treatments
Effective in any age group
Suitable for face or body treatment
Easy to use, gel formulation not liquid
Can be used before special occasions

Peel at lunch time, apply makeup and back in the office before 12:30pm
Dr Hill: Revita Peel
Acne treatment, Hyper –pigmentation and Rejuvenation. Revita Peel is designed for salon use only and the more committed client who wants results, and is prepared to experience some discomfort to achieve this.


Retinoic, Citric, Azelaic, and Salysilic Acids


Aging, elastosis and atrophy
Premature wrinkles and fine lines


Rosacea or Couperose 
Roaccutane therapy
Actinic keratosis 
All Naevi and skin growth
Allergic and ultra – sensitive

Product Benefits

It is designed to deal with acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, cutaneous ageing and senile keratoses.
Skin tightening, reduction in the depth of wrinkles and on improvement of hypertrophyc scarring.
Resorption of inflamed Acne and significant reduction in atrophic scarring.
Treatment will result in improved texture and tone of the skin, marked reduction in acne, acne scarring and pigmentation, better overall colouration, lightening and brightening of the skin. 
Regeneration of the epidermal and dermal layers and skin quality improvement.

After treatment the skin will be red, tight and shiny for between 2 and 12 hours. Three days after treatment the top skin layers will peel off (please keep this in mind when booking your client)




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