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Further Education

Understanding Wound Healing

Total presentation time (excluding assessments): 26 minutes, Typical completion time (including prior reading): 2 hours
A diploma of achievement will be delivered upon completion.


Understanding Wound Healing

With the changes and advances in contemporary skin treatment services, modalities and cosmetic formulations, skin therapists need to know even more about skin physiology than ever before. To be truly confident and competent, we really need to know at a biological level, exactly what the modern treatments are doing to skin, and how they change and improve skin. To understand the action of a modality, the therapist of today must comprehend, and apply, all that is known about the wound healing processes of skin. The wound healing process can then be applied to the action of non ablative modalities such as iontophoresis, dermal needling, photo modulation, ultra sound, and intense pulsed light. The ablative actions of cosmetic surgery and laser can also be included. 

There are several phases of wound healing the skin treatment therapist can apply to their knowledge of skin, they are;
  • Coagulation phase & Inflammatory phase
  • Lag & proliferative phase
  • Fibroplastic phase
  • Maturative & remodeling phase
In this course, we will work our way through each phase of wound healing, linking back to the relevance, and importance to your daily clinical work, including what happens during the phases and by understanding these wound healing phases and timelines, you will be able to write protocols to be provided to the client or patient that will offer a “best practice” result of the procedure, and avoid the formation of scar tissue or post inflammatory pigmentation.

The course will not only teach you about healing and tissue regeneration, but provide an overview of how to obtain best results by supporting the process with nutrition, supplements, topical applications and synergistic auxiliary treatments.

You will learn the relevance of each step in the wound healing process as it applies to you, the skin treatment therapist, and what you can do to maximize the results and make a real difference for your clients or patients.


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